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  1. i must agree with Feuerfalke , but i will add more to his list; Helo combat simulation : -5% + very nice bullet effects - bad missile smoke behaviour and gun smoke when in hover - A.I dont react to anything (i have placed 20 gattling tanks and shoot the first but they did nothing only just watching) Graphics : -20% + amazingly nice damage model for the BS (a big big plus) + can work even on old computers (nice one) - Engine don't take any advantage from the dual core CPU (a really big minus) - Smoke really kills the game completely esp. when getting close to the -ground and the fl
  2. okay thats it i get it done thanks guys for the help.
  3. i did that and it worked but there is still a small problem , the autopilot dont move forward it just point to the right nav point , so what is wrong?
  4. okay thanks , but last question , when i try to program the PVI 800 inertial navigation system it gives me 2 inputs to enter is it like that ??(00-00-00) or (000-000-000) because i tried to use it but i dont know the right formula, also can i enter the nav points in the ABRIS then take the cord form the ABRIS and enter it in the INS?? thanks for help.
  5. wow it works , thanks i guess i have destroyed all the radios in all k-50 that the army have!!!!! :lol: okay now for the 2nd problem , i have set 3 waypoints in the ABRIS and activated the plan and pressed the ® to enable the route mode but still nothing , what again i did wrong (i wish it is not another system in the KA-50 i ruined :joystick:):lol::lol: thanks
  6. hi there i just get the Russian black shark , even if i really dont know anything in Russian but i wanted to play the game anyway , and i am really good at piloting the black shark but i faced 2 problems , if you guys can help me.. 1- when i land to rearm at any airport , after the ground crew finishes the rearm when i fly they shout at me (what the hell are you doing , man!!) so what i am doing wrong ???? 2-how i can make the black shark fly a route using the autopilot , i have seen the Producer Notes about the ABRIS and nav but i still cant figure how to make it??? at last i really
  7. my wish is 1-a mig-29ovt or mig-35 2-a game that i can make huge mods for it 3-a coop campaign for the fast movers 4-a lot of fast movers will be better 5-more success for ED:thumbup: thanks
  8. i will make and addon aircraft , the Mig-29 OVT
  9. i hope from my deep of my heart , also if i know about the next projects that they are adding the Mig-29OVT Or Mig-35:music_whistling: i swear that i will support (ED) Forever i know that LO has an end road but it came too fast and too bad . i wish you (ED) a greater Future .
  10. ha , i dont think so because in the beginning of the blackshark development (ED) told us that they will improve the rest of the fighters and add black shark then they told us that they are not going to improve anything:huh: then now they just remove all of the fighters so what next ???? :mad: Edit: look i might be angry because i am very sad for (ED) to act like this , when LO and FC Released i loved the game and the Company that make it so i am very very sad to remove all the really hard work they do in both games
  11. WHAT? f-16 we had enough from the f-16 there is a lot of f-16 sim enough enough , and when we find a game that have Russian fighter they just remove it why do you hate the Russian planes or what???? look at the market , do we have a lot of Russian sim or F-16 Sim. I am not saying that f-16 is bad or American's planes dont deserve any sim but every sim game released is only about F-16 , F-22 , or Apache ???? what happend to the Russians is there planes are so bad that makes you (ED) remove them and add American's Planes ??:mad:
  12. From: http://forum.digitalcombatsimulator.com/showthread.php?t=4 dose it means that there will be no (Mig-29 , su-27 , su-33 ,......etc) ?? if yes then what the hell i kept waiting for this game just to play with the new ka-50 AND the Mig-29 in a multiplayer with my brother and now they say there is ONLY Ka-50 :mad: and as if it is no enough they say: WHAT, not compatible?:mad: so when we are getting a new aircraft in DCS , after 20 Years or 30 Years?:mad: at Least add the old aircraft with the DCS then when you want to upgrade one aircraft just remove it and add a new one.
  13. all i want is just modding the game because modding can fix all the bugs in the game.
  14. modding is a must guys i just don't know why all the people in the forums are afraid of modding if you dont like cheating in online is it very simple , make online dont support mods thats easy . that is very sad that this game is not moddable when i play this game i feel that this game is very small compared to the other games , some people will say that lock on have much better flight model than any other game , i will say you are right but the flight model is not everything in the game . just look at how many mods trying to make a new flyables long ago i started a topic
  15. there are simple ways to stop the cheaters: 1-mods cant be played online 2-main aircrafts [mig-29 ,su-27.......] cant be edited 3-checking files before joining 4-about making money you can make some limitations to modding [cant make more than 4 aircrafts , cant make new missiles , the damege of the missiles cant be edited ] i know all of these mean that the game needs to be reworked again and will take a lot of time but its all my wish really , its really boring to have only limited number of aircarfts
  16. you can stop the cheaters by not letting them join online like other games or by checking the files before joining and thats not a reason to make the game not moddable
  17. first i want to thank ED for this great game i just want 1 thing from ED to do in black shark: why dont you make Lock on Moddable Like fsx? in fsx we see a lot of new aircrafts but in lock on we see only new skins:( i know its very hard to make the AFM but let the modders try there best so please ED try to Make Black Shark Moddable :thumbup:
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