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  1. Do not let me stand in the way of a sale. Thank you though.
  2. I need a Warthog stick only please. Anyone have a good used one?
  3. Gettin old sucks.Although I am meeting new people, that I have known for years.
  4. Thanks bn. I am comfortable soldering. I have some burned finger tips to prove it...lol If I need any more I will be sure to contact you. Thanks.
  5. You tell me now... How do you go about finding a replacement switch? Where would I start? I am sure I will find more issues as I am buying another set for my nephew so we can fly together, formation.
  6. I emailed support. They reply, standard got your message will reply later. Rep sends email stating price for pinky and shipping. Requests more info,my physical address and Paypal addy to send invoice to. Info forwarded. Paypal invoice in my mailbox. $33 dollars for a switch. WOW.... Paid invoice Waiting for delivery.
  7. I bought the throttle used. The pinky switch is broken. Just flops around. Can move it 360 degrees, like a swivel switch... Buzz, sent a email. Got standard reply. We got it...Hold on... Bit, I will post if I can find replacement switch.
  8. I just bought a used Warthog throttle. The pinky switch is toast. What and where to get a replacement?
  9. A few years ago I found a mod for my Thrustmaster rudders. The mod removed the pot and replaced with Hall sensor. Does anyone have more info than my aged memory has?
  10. I cant get pics to post. Pics can be looked at over at SimHQ Forum. Thanks.
  11. Excellent. Thanks for your time and answer. Have a great day.
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