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  1. In fact performance wasn't so bad until some special effects appeared. For instance, when taking off from the runway everything was ok as well as when landing on it, but when I tried to land off-runway and the "dust cloud" appeared the sim started to stutter and it was difficult to control. But apart from that (and the fact that I couldn't see targets on Shkval) the flight was smooth enough to enjoy it. I could set medium quality graphics and still fly OK. If I hadn't had the problem with the targets I would have thought I was using the nvidia. NOW I see the difference between the two
  2. Hi! Problem solved. The issue was that my Nvidia card wasn't the default one so, if the program felt it was compatible enough with the Intel one it used this one by default. Now BS runs perfectly at the highest graphic settings and my beloved Shkval is useful again (I had played BS in another computer previously). Thank you very much for your helpful tips.
  3. Ups! Thanks for your answer. I just bought this computer with Windows 7 and don't control it yet... How I hate that. I checked the Nvidia control panel and there are drivers installed... perhaps I have to tell windows to use the Nvidia card instead of the Intel... I'll try to figure out how to do that. Any clue about that would be welcome anyway... Thank you very much for your help.
  4. Hi! Thanks for your answer. There were no Alt-tabs before that graphic glitch. I had just started a new game. I had no problems with the ABRIS or anything else that I know of. There are two screenshots attached to this post so you see the effect. I made a mission with just four of five trucks on the airport apron. In the first screenshot you can see a targeted truck beside some more targets on the apron on the left but there's none on the Shkval screen. In the second one you can see how I destroyed the truck. There's still some smoke after the explosion. You can see t
  5. Hi! I've searched thoroughly and I can't find any reference to this problem so I decided to report it. My only problem with both Black Shark and Flaming Cliffs 2 is simply that no vehicle appears on my Shkval screen. Of course its turned on and working properly. When trying to target a truck or somehthing I have in plain sight, if I try to lock it in my Shkval screen I see just the scenery behind the target as if it wasn't there even though I'm seeing it outside the cockpit. I can lock it. I can even fire at it and it explodes and everything. It even counts as an object destr
  6. Thanks, doom! That's almost exactly what I was looking for. Obviously NDB (or whatever is called in Russian aeronautics) is a backup system. Even today's aircraft carry ADF in their cockpits which are seldom used unless they lose every other primary navigation system. But they still have it. The only reason why I wanted to fiddle with Ka-50's ADF (useless as it may seem) is that I think what I'd do if I could fly the real copter and then I try to reproduce it in Black Shark as far as it allows me. Since I'd like to be able to find a friendly airfield in case I'm lost in a foggy day an
  7. You are right. I'm just learning how to navigate with the Ka-50 and I had mistakenly understood that you could somehow tune the NDB you wanted since you can get the frequencies in the info page of the ABRIS. Just disregard my previous post. And excuse me for not reading the manual thoroughly enough. Anyway... navigation in Lock On was really bad implemented (or simply unimplemented). Way worse that in any other study sim I remember. It's much better now with Black Shark but... how far is it still from real? Do real Ka-50 pilots have always to work with presyntonized stations? Do
  8. Hi. I've been looking for a map of the Caucasus with the NDB frequencies on it. I like to have this information beforehand when I go to fly. I prefer that to have to look for it in the ABRIS. It'd be a good idea to be able to see the NDB frequencies in the Mission Editor map. Why haven't you implemented it? I haven't found this information in the manual... nor anything about airfields... Any clue about where could I find this information? (apart from the ABRIS) Thanks!
  9. Hi Parzertard! I know how that works... but I hoped DCS perhaps would reconsider their protection system in the future. Wishful thinking. Vortex360 summed everything up in few but true words: "...some day one will eventually be denied an opportunity to reactivate." But I 'd like to play this game in the future, the same way I continue playing Apache/Havoc, Longbow 2, etc... even today. Even without the permission of Our Lords of SF.
  10. Hi!. I've been waiting for some time just to see if any of the DCS guys was so kind to answer my question. I'm seriously interested in knowing what will happen when Eagle Dynamics, DCS or anyone in charge stops supporting this game (which, obviously, won't be supported forever.) Right now I am playing games I bought nine or ten years ago. I'd like to do the same with this one. And I'd also like to know if the next sims are going to be protected that way. I look forward to your answer.
  11. Oh, now I see my mistake: I thought I had bought the sim but it was only for rental! (Trying to be ironic, of course. I'm not THAT stupid.) Well, it's not really their fault, it's only mine since I accepted the license... but I was dying for flying a good new sim and this IS one of those. I was weak. I promise not to do it again. And that's no irony but plain truth. Thanks for your answers, guys.
  12. Perhaps it's been asked several times before... I've bought Black Shark. It is great and I'm enjoying a lot. This sim's worth every euro I paid for it. But I'd like to know what will happen to us, Black Shark buyers, if you stop supporting this game. What if I wanna play this game in 7 seven years... what will it happen to our activations? I think all this activation stuff is ok for a while so you get back all the money you invested and avoid piracy but you should guarantee us buyers the right to play this game in the future. So I suggest that in some months or years you release a
  13. I'm really glad to hear that. Thank you all for your answers! You're right, Poko 24, when you say that the filght dynamics in Falcon 4 are really poor. I like the feeling in Lock-On much more. The lack of dynamic campaign, (almost)fully functional cockpits and more complex radar modes are the only things I don't like in Lock-On. Just learning how to operate all the radar modes in Falcon 4 was rewarding enough for me :P Anyway, I like Lock-On very much and I'm really happy to know that it's not gonna disappear. (Even though the lo-mac webpage is virtually abandoned, or at least it see
  14. Hi everyone! I'm new here. I've been playing Falcon 4 for a long time and I just wanted to give Lock On an opportunity. It revealed to me as a great sim but unfortunately it seems to me that the developers've, somehow, left it behind. Is there gonna be an addon beyond Flaming Cliffs? (apart from BS, of course, that's not a addon but a new game). Any other plane, any other theater, any other game improvement?. A more realistic weather, a dynamic campaign...something? I respect people who like helos but I hate'em (helos, not people) so BS is not such great news for me. I wouldn't lik
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