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  1. I think i finally understand the process of this. The way i wanted to do it wasn't possible. F10 menu to get added and the F10 menu passing on the group name as i was thinking it should. I was thinking it should come as a parameter even from the command of the F10 menu when a group runs it (Who ever runs it). But i have to add a menu to the correct group and define the group in the menu that i added it to... This was not obvious to me.. Thx Grimes
  2. I have 1 unit per player group. So if i am understanding this correct. I can run this function on the server at start (Init script?): local function imLost(gName) if Group.getByName(gName) then -- gotta be paranoid local units = Group.getByName(gName):getUnits() local groupleader = units[1]:getName() local msg = format.string("The unit %s is running the script", groupleader) trigger.action.outText(msg , 10 , false) end end And add a trigger to give the group in the zone a radio menu to call the function? Trig
  3. Thx for the reply :) If i understand you correctly there is no real good way of identifying a group from a radio menu that is not custom to that specific group. So use flags per group to identify the group in my script. Something like this ?: if group in zone trigger runs a script Script check every group in zone if group1 in zone addCommandForGroup with flag 101 value 1 if group2 in zone addCommandForGroup with flag 102 value 1 etc for every group, since there is no parameter that passed the group na
  4. Hi, i have been looking and tying to figure out how i can get the name of the unit or group that runs a F10 menu radio item i created ? Only thing i can find is how to get all units or a unit in a zone, coalition etc., but nothing how to identify the unit that is starting the actual script. This to get the position of the player who ran the script. I know how to get the position of a unit to, but not the actual player. I'm not using any of the frameworks like MIST or MOOSE. (Not that i found any helpful functions there) Any ideas ?
  5. I might have mixed the words Buffeting and Fluttering, the same still apply. It would be nice to see less static air frames :)
  6. I would like to see Wing and Rudder Flutter in the game. The planes are to static when doing tight turns and maneuvers. This will make the game more realistic and the plane less dull. :pilotfly: Exsample: Massive rudder flutter at 4:15
  7. Not even a if it has to be, it has to be :thumbup:
  8. Trolling are we.. its under the Wishlist section... lol Go troll somewhere else :)
  9. DCS - Lockheed Martin F-16 Fighting Falcon Hi, I would like to share my dream to see the "Lockheed Martin F-16 Fighting Falcon" developed for this game. Why do i want to see the F-16 in this game and why should it be developed ? Well as most Flight sim/combat sim enthusiasts know of the game called "Falcon 4.0" by MicroProse released in 1998. The game was popular in the community because of it's realism just like the A-10 module by DCS. The game is today's date still popular by hardcore players 15 years later, even when lacking the graphics of a modern simulator. I think that
  10. Coop, Gunner and Pilot in 1 chopper... Whould be sweet :=)
  11. I know how to make a shortcut... im just saying it wasent there by default.. i fixed it as i said.. removed the 2 files then ran the update executible... :pilotfly:
  12. There is no shortcut by that name.... Can only start the game. or uninstall... But it wold not work anyway... I ran it form the bin folder and it just starts the game now, dosnt check for updates... Fixted it by removing autoupdate.cache and autoupdate.settings in the my windows saved games folder :smartass:
  13. I ran the auto updater in 1.2.1, but i pressed cancel by mistake when i should install... now it just runs the game if i start the auto updater.... what do i do ?
  14. Can call me stupid all you want.. im not the one Buying Flamin Cliffs 1, Flaming Cliffs 2, and now Flaming Cliffs 3.. Thay are not all that different...
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