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  1. Hi, It's a long time issue but I don't see it reported anywhere?? I wonder if it's related to the netcode as my point of view in SP or MP is always smooth. The pointer isn't refreshed properly so some gestures like "snake" cannot be done, I attached a video where we do a "Rope" which is laggy as hell.
  2. In the meantime I published the rest of the CAS Sequence and I just released my FACA brief which gives some tips and basics to be efficient! Hope you learn something!
  3. Bonjour à tous, J'aimerais trouver des gens pour faire du CAS, ça a un intérêt perso pour moi donc tout le monde est bienvenue à partir du moment où vous avez une base d'anglais et connaissez un minimum votre module favori! J'ai fait quelques videos tutos mais c'est que de l'anglais pour l'instant, si j'ai du monde je ferais des sessions en français mais la procédure se doit de rester en anglais. Je vous invite à checker ma signature pour me joindre sur Discord! Fly safe!
  4. Hey everybody, I just started a YT channel for my community called Strike Posture Set (CAS only), I intend to post a serie of tutorial videos regarding CAS. Disclaimer, I share those to the public but they're primarily intended to replace briefings for my members so we move to practice quicker! If you want practice come over the Discord (check my signature), I accept EVERYBODY. For now it's just theory but I do have some (old) CAS practice that was recorded with the CVW66. I know those briefings are kind of boring and longish but they are important to get the acronyms and basic understandings across, as I move forward I hope to get better at making videos and implement more examples within it. The videos will become shorter as we get to more specific stuff. Let me hear your feedback and tell me what would you be interest in as when I'll be done with all this theory I can focus on smaller things!! Fly safe! See ya!!
  5. Bumping, we changed name and now have tutorial videos for CAS!
  6. Madone

    Mirage smoke pods

    ok no problem
  7. Madone

    Mirage smoke pods

    Erm, looks like they didn't in 8165.2?
  8. Madone


    I ask the same thing, the low res mirror is just ugly, no mirror is so much better
  9. I'm still looking for squadron leaders interested in the concept, don't hesitate to stop by!!
  10. I was not really talking about tanks in my first post, I'm a field artillery guy, the cavalry operates differently than us, they go fast and never stop. It's hard to keep up with them!
  11. +1 don't know if it's a bad thing hehe
  12. Madone


    hmm nah JTAC is solely used in MP, it would be awkward in SP since the AI can't communicate properly with you. You are not be able to use pointing device for example and the whole point of the job is to deconflict your assets, provide talk on... On the other side, you have many human pilots willing to play CAS, check my sig, it may interest you!
  13. Hi! You had enough of the stupid JTAC AI? You want proper Close Air Support missions in either JTAC or pilot FAC(A) role? Me too!! That's why I created the STRIKE POSTURE SET. My goal : Create a "JTAC hub" where we train and then get tasked by DCS pilots that are CAS certified (A/C proficiency required) for temporary missions, I patented this concept the JTAC ice-cream truck© . It's a two way partnership, we request pilots but they can also request JTAC's. The concept is pretty new and obviously need to be partnered with current DCS communities, it's already the case in fact. I can provide training to IP's who then spread the word in their own communities, more knowledge means more pilots to do CAS with!! I intend this place to become the "rally point" for JTAC's/pilots to exchange about CAS beyond squadron boundaries!! No guild wars, CAS unites us! To join us: *You are already part of a squadron or not at all *You are mature, 18+ required. *You are fluent in english / have a mic *You own CA if you want to be JTAC trained (lasing, IR...) *You show interest in Air to Ground and are willing to be dedicated to others *You have a proper setup (trackir, joystick...) *If you want to become FAC(A) capable, be aircraft capable FIRST! Join the Discord server : https://discord.gg/9s5WydsBHH Use the "applications" channel to introduce yourself and you'll be granted a role for trial! Thank you for stopping by! See you soon and fly safe!! Madone
  14. Since TARGET totally mess up my HOTAS, I have to edit the default.lua, which totally sucks.
  15. @LeCuvieryeah thanks for pulling the code, I was lazy to find the lines out. hehe
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