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  1. suspiciously flat numbers, facts wrong... all thats missing is the Nigerian prince to round out this story.
  2. people who say that its working as intended as to the manual need to consider this if the manual said that you made cake with razorblades would you believe it to be the main ingredient. the behavior is somewhat correct in terms of the authority that it gives the rudder based on gear up or down but something else is also missing.
  3. yes well then something is not right, hope they still paying the EFM coder :P
  4. Ells when you put debug info in corner, press hotkey again and you get the actual frame times and stuff. not that it is anymore useful.
  5. good work IASGATG and its nice that there is a missile mod too, nothing wrong with choice.
  6. on the bright side this whole conversation has only made me more interested in the hawk, looks fun.
  7. you guys are not understanding the severity of what we ARE trying to report go fight some AI for an hour or two and there is no way its not gonna occur to you if you die in the fights occasionally. when we press fly to refly a mission and get dropped back in our radar is not working at all, its showing azimuth and that its scanning but you could be 1 mile from a target in your face and you won't get a blip. this same behaviour can occur if you die and server admin loads the next mission etc. its not resetting its variables correctly, once radar is damaged its damaged for rest of session. I've tried workarounds such as pressing every switch in the radar panel and reseting, nothing works besides restarting DCS.... its not as simple as pressing TMS down.
  8. I remember seeing great discussion about this as many were up in arms about it, I also believe their should be a heading change, although it should perhaps be less so at higher speeds but should never be 0.
  9. just can't let that slide though..... windows firewall should never be disabled, I can show you lots of chatty NIC cards and jittery connections to prove that one... just by turning it off you gonna get so much stuff bouncing off the NIC from the internet.... better to just not shut it off. windumb or not, not everyone has firewalls on routers configured tightly to begin with just making the advice even more not so good. the rest of your message was fine though, very informative.
  10. AI F-16 really challenging, dead if you get to merge though. I find MiG-21 loaded up with missiles and overmatched makes for the most fun though.
  11. I must fight the urge to go no *bleep* sherlock. I don't know if you intentionally tried to rub me the wrong way but pah-lease spare me the A-B-C's been doing this long enough to know how to turn my radar on if you understand what I mean by that... also you tested at exactly mach 1?, you got all bases covered I guess, if I requested data for 1.356 mach would you have that on tap in 15 minutes too? :huh: was just saying check 40k launch to make sure its in line, you were originally only showing data from 10k launch. EDIT: not meaning to sound so harsh, better grab a coffee.
  12. 50 seconds or not you should still be looking at the performance up high as well as low, as it is already, the difference between a heads on 10k launch going mach 1 and a head on 40k launch going mach 1 is quite a big difference.
  13. I dunno seems to perform basically like an AIM-9B with a range of 5km or so. just use the mirages awesome dogfighting ability to get in the saddle and pull up.
  14. from what I understand the 530D performs better at higher altitudes and 10k is kinda low, so if your getting huge boost at low altitudes better check the missile mod at 40k launch and make sure the thing isn't going 150km :P
  15. put the debug info in the top corner. you can't say I get no FPS drops, if you don't bother to look at the FPS counter and more importantly the frame times during the high alpha stuff. assumptions won't help your argument. its a hotkey pressed twice that would rule out frame times making it look stuttery.
  16. DLZ changes based on scale of radar and is not a bug if your displaying to 80nm the DLZ cues will be further near the bottom since the full length of the line is 80nm, where if it were set to 40 the the cues would be further toward the middle.
  17. yes I am here to report same behaviour if in a previous attempt you die in a certain way (damage to radar) and then you click re-fly the radar does not work correctly and you will never see any contacts. to reproduce you would have to keep running a mission where you die to an amraam and keep starting the next attempt with turning radar on and seek. hopefully they acknowledge this because it was also effecting my mate on server after respawning. EDIT: still waiting for this to be acknowledged its kinda big deal to have radar show nothing when it should be... know its a WIP but at least acknowledge this so that I can move on to other things... this is not a pilot error thing this is setting 2 enemies 70km apart, starting the miz and seeing him, then dying to him that "round" and clicking fly again if your radar was damaged it no longer functions correctly from there on out.
  18. I have a 2 year old and a new born, I feel your pain... usually right as I am leaving the taxiway one of them wakes up.
  19. still would be a nice feature, not everyone is playing DCS on ultra real settings.... I know, I know. noobs However, I would still like to have options available, not everytime I fly am I looking for an ultra realistic battlefield sometimes I like to gun run a sam site for fun! srry for discussion hadn't realized this was in the bugs section.
  20. wouldnt that be as easy as recording a video with verbose *clear to read* debug info at the top (FPS counter, but the one that shows more detailed information) it has frame time there should see a big spike while effect is occuring (anyone of these videos could have that shown)
  21. +3 I'd give a bug report or feedback but I should be reading the manual so I can get airborne rather then posting here.
  22. I too am an owner, needs a lil polish but not nearly as bad as what some people go on about. I like it, good job.
  23. roll inertia was the first thing I noted once off the ground, most of us have noticed this on rails feel. think they just need to tune it a bit. but I also am saying the same thing, its going to be a fun module. also after watching the mirage demo I feel even more confident that its pretty close as the thing does look pretty stiff FBW.
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