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  1. If you still has a problem, could you provide a new track, please?
  2. I'm sorry not expressing my thoughts clearly enough. I tried to clarify the stated position in more detail, but, it seems, I did not succeed, only added ambiguities. I have nothing to add to what BIGNEWY said. To clarify my previous post. The topic contains many arguments in favor of your position, that laser code can be changed in safe position. Then I tried to explain that I disagree with the statement "unless there's documentation that explicitly states that something cannot be done, then common logic (it can be done in all other comparable aircraft) and witness testimony (three people with IRL experience) are the next best things". I apologize if I speak harshly, English is not my first language as you might have noticed. Thank you for your participation.
  3. I'm afraid you understood me wrong. We don't have any actual information, it was stated above. But it is already done, we used available information and logic, and to change it we need something solid. I can't agree with "unless there's documentation that explicitly states that something cannot be done, then common logic (it can be done in all other comparable aircraft) and witness testimony (three people with IRL experience) are the next best things" There are a lot of examples where common logic fails due to different reasons, and experts make wrong statements due to wrong questions or other reasons. So, let's wait and see the conclusion. Thanks!
  4. @HarkerI'm sorry, but I can't agree with you. With that logic we can go far beyond any reasonable state. Like BIGNEWY stated above, we are investigating and we need something before making the change. Also, I didn't want to point that out, but in the attached conversation there is one thing that makes me think twice before using it. There is already information to proof other point of view, so I suggest to wait and see what the result of the investigation would be. Thank you for the discussion!
  5. I can't confirm this error. It would be great to have a track showing the wrong behaviour. Thanks!
  6. There is something in your controls, that makes switching to spread.
  7. Maybe I missed it, but I didn't see some of the issues reported in the bugs section. I only see "HARM switching itself off during flight". Could you make reports with tracks?
  8. The following maneuvers are prohibited: -Repeated maximum rudder reversals. -Rapid rudder release or reversal above 300 knots/0.6 mach So, it seems, that you are executing prohibited maneuvers.
  9. Yes, if there is evidence of different behavior in different versions, this is a reason to figure out why this happened.
  10. FM of F-5E, MiG-15, F-86 hasn't been changed quite for a while. As far as I know, nothing was done specifically to remove or add this effect.
  11. Thanks for the track. Adverse yaw (i.e. yaw during roll) is present, and is quite noticeable. During turns there is almost no slipping and skidding. Almost none, but still present. The ball is not dead center as you've mentioned. So, in conclusion, I don't see any problem here. Until some stronger arguments I'll consider this to be correct as is.
  12. As far as I remember, F-5E never had such option. At least I didn't add it to special options and didn't make any autorudder helper. Yes, I'm exactly telling you this - the ball is not dead center. Furthermore, I watched angle of sideslip and it is not 0 during various maneuvers. This is why we (developers and testers) ask to make a track and attach it to any bug report. There could be some specific conditions, like simplified avionics, specific bug, user's error.
  13. Hi! I'm sorry but I don't see such option in F-5 special options tab. Could you point me where this option is? Also, there is a lot of discussion, but I haven't seen a single track showing a problem. Not here, not in other threads. Could you make a track showing a problem? It will help to understand what is wrong in your opinion. I'm asking the track because I just launched F-5 and ball is not centered during turns, rolls, split throttle, etc. Thanks!
  14. Hi! Could you record a short track showing the problem?
  15. Thank you for the track! I see the behaviour but can't tell right now if it is correct or not. We will investigate and correct if needed. For now I can suggest to change attitude in ATT or AP modes with the stick, not the trim, or trim down after autopilot disengagement.
  16. Could you provide a new track in a fresh OB, please?
  17. It's a known issue, will be fixed.
  18. Это баг, уже записан и исправляется. Время считается неправильно, зачастую намного меньше, чем должно быть.
  19. I'm sorry, I can't understand what is the proble. Could you make a track, attach screenshots or something else?
  20. Есть пример, как это выглядит на современном легаси Хорнете "ин ЮСА"?
  21. Разверну мысль - самолёт швейцарских ВВС (J-5011). То, что у них есть специальный пилон для пусковой, интересный факт, но у нашего варианта такого пилона нет. Как нет и пусковых для AIM-9/AIM-120, которые крепились бы на пилон. Старый вариант неправильный. Не может AIM-120 использоваться с LAU-115. Как не может LAU-127 крепиться снизу LAU-115. Так что вероятность возвращения старого варианта крайне мала.
  22. This is done because the old option is incorrect and should not be used anymore. In order to have backwards compatibility CLSID remains the same, but description was changed. Hope, I understood you correctly.
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