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  1. Hadn't tried making custom loadouts yet, but for skins, you have an example in the custom faction page of the wiki, skins are a property of factions. Basically, at the end of the file, you may specify a group of skins for a specific aircraft, among which the program will choose the ones used in mission. Here's the example "liveries_overrides": { "FA_18C_hornet": [ "NSAWC brown splinter", "NAWDC black", "VFC-12" ], "F_15C": [ "65th Aggressor SQN (WA) MiG", "65th Aggressor SQN (WA) MiG", "65th Aggressor SQN (WA) S
  2. Yeah, it's finally here... and, dang, 46 GB!
  3. A question of my own. I saw there's a new release for Liberation, version 2.3.X, are files saved in 2.2.1 going to be compatible with the new version?
  4. Hi Bananabrai! Yeah, it's possible to customize your Liberation experience, if you don' mind a bit of file editing: you'll find what you need to know in the Github wiki https://github.com/Khopa/dcs_liberation/wiki in the "Modding Liberation" section. It's not too complicated, you can do it a simple text editor (I recommend using Notepad++, though); it helps to examine the file that ships with the program, you'll get a better idea of how they work and find more stuff than in the wiki (for example, how to force liveries selection). You'll even need to have a basic un
  5. Hey there, guys! Thanks to Jabbers videos, I discovered this little gem, a real game changer for DCS, since it basically transforms it in two games, allowing you to run the campaign, not only be a part of it. I've seen the wiki on the github page and tried to create a faction .json of my own, but I can't find the right name to insert in the file to assign the KC-135 MPRS as tanker. Can anyone tell me what I should write in the file? Thank you very much in advance!
  6. Hello there! Fair warning, mission editor noob, here! Lately I've been preparing a series of templates, following . They work fine, but I'm finding troubles with the triggers for spawning and despawning them. I have a mission I use as a sandbox, with various aircrafts set as clients: I'd like to be able to se the carrier deck at mission start for launch, set it for landing when I move inside a zone (behind the carrier) and reset it when I take control of a new aircraft. What I did is to create three triggers: - one at Mission Start, with no condition, where I spawn the aircrafts and
  7. I lost my bindings too, even the B ones... :cry:
  8. Hey guys! In the past days, after watching RedKite's video, I downloaded his templates and started creating my own. Yesterday I came across this error from DCS that I can't understand, everything seems fine to me, but the program won't load the .lua, because, it appears, it's expecting a } where, for what I can tell, there shouldn't be one.... I can't see any errors in the lua (but I'm no programmer, I mostly copied and pasted), can someone tell me what's wrong? EDIT: Well, I found out: I was missing a comma in line 101, just behind the quotes. Thank you anyway to those who tried to help
  9. Ok, thank you very much, Flappie, I'll change wind in the mission!
  10. Copy, Flappie, I'm still at work, when I get home I'll record a short track. Meanwhile, if you feel like it, these are the campaigns I was talking about: https://www.digitalcombatsimulator.com/en/files/3307835/ Harrier campaign, the mission is mission 6, you just have to sit there a couple of minutes and wait for the AI flights to taxy to the runway. https://www.digitalcombatsimulator.com/en/files/3310481/ Tomcat campaign, mission 2, here you have to start up and start rolling, possibily launch from cat 1 Otherwise, you'll have the track in about four to five hours.
  11. Hi, Viper_2020! For the price range you're describing, I'd say the only viable alternative for a full hotas system is TM T.16000M flight pack: https://www.thrustmaster.com/en_US/p...cs-flight-pack I've been using it for three years and it's only recently showed some sign of wear (the ministick on the throttle is spiking a bit, so it is the pitch axis), considering I was lucky enough to buy it on Amazon at € 165, I'm pretty happy with it; prices are higher now, but it's still well below € 300. It has enough buttons to map every aircraft controller on it (I like to map on the HOTAS only
  12. I had this happening, too, in PG, Al Dhafra (Broken Cauldron AV-8B free campaign), a flight of F/A-18C stuck on the runway blocking everyone else. I tried to deconflict take-off times or to erase one group, but it didn't matter, whoever gets to align on the runway first, just sits there. Then, and I'm not sure if it's the same bug, in an F-14 campaign (Earnest Will, Supercarrier version), I had my wingman lined up behind me on cat 1, after I launched he hooked to the catapult and remained there for something like 20 minutes, before launching. I have tacview tracks for all of the above (last
  13. Thank you Draconus, gonna rev up my engines! :thumbup:
  14. Hey there guys! Quick question, what's the average lenght of full missions? Couple of hours? More? Less? Thanks for your answers!
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