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  1. review is online ... in french http://www.checksix-fr.com/review-winwing-f-a18-hotas/
  2. Winwing sent us Product for a public review. Now they start to claim that the Product where sent for evaluation and feedback to Winwing. That was not exactly the initial deal. Product where sent for review. Facing a number of design mistake and disappointing aspects, testers spent a lot of time communicating with Winwing to help them to improve the product or simply check if the wrong stuff was going to be in the final release for an honest review. Winwing have been smart enough to move the right way, delay the production, correct a list of issues. Now, the testers are hoping for a bett
  3. last try After 5 minutes in spectator mode return to normal FPS ......
  4. Hosting a Mp missions 7 aircrafts and i play mission on same PC all is fine good FPS ( 35-45) during first part of flight Mud strike on a helicopter storage park (15 Mi-24 and mi8) GBU strike .... and at the same moment where the GBU impact ( many smoke and fire) my FPS dropped from 40 to 2 ... And only for me (the host) not for the over 6 pilots. we have made 3 flight , each time same effect at the GPU impact .. FPS drop to 2 or 6 .. try to leave area , no effect try to take another plane , no effect try spectator view, in best case 10-15 fps extrenal view CPu char
  5. Like said above this kind of DRM is counter productive for ED . It is a regression for customers and a non sense in this small market. A very volatile market.... Disapoint your core customers isn't a good solution to develop your business model... And core customers quick make up their mind about compagnies using this kind of solution.. EA - Ubis soft - Microsoft .... Not the way of "business history" even steam has a full offline sytem ... I hope ED ll make the good choice for theirs customers for us and so for themselves
  6. Despite of all fan boy voices i don t like all this proposition As I don't know the agreement of the transaction and the past links between Luthier and ED ( who knows ...) : So I'll thanks anyone for the moment .. A deal must be profitable for both side and Ed is a company, a small one but a compagny not a charity association . So business is business even in simulation world They took back the project (payed with my support) expecting a profit (it's absolutely normal) Juste the fact for 40 $ 1/ P51 : good thing for newbess but very bad for me : i m an old supporte
  7. Sad new for a great man !! french simers are sad too:( thank a lot for all you have done http://www.checksix-fr.com
  8. log in ok but no more payement in my history serial for A10C is also reject ticket open .......
  9. False Jim !! you dont need to scare french simers ;) Many simulator were release with a small guide 20 pages (for installation and basic) like Lock on , Allied Forces, Flaming cliff ....... You had this team !!!! But ........ In any case checksix translation team ll translate the manual for french community after the release if needed Bye
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