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  1. Hey guys, The forrestal and the Viggen out of EA are our two top priorities right now. More info ASAP on all of these items!
  2. I'll digress from replying in length as the proof is (as always) in the pudding. We've been quiet on the Viggen because we're simply about to turn the corner on "finishing" it. The Viggen will leave EA in March with several new features and final elements added - several of which have been longstanding issues. In fact - we've prioritized leaving EA on the F-14 for the Viggen.
  3. If someone does do the work of making a list of files containing profanity, please do get in touch and we'll get a checkbox implemented. We currently don't have the resources to sift through ourselves, unfortunately!
  4. Lots of references to us in here, so I'll jump in- The standard compression for normals, both in our products and EDs is BC5. (https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/windows/win32/direct3d10/d3d10-graphics-programming-guide-resources-block-compression#bc5) This is a two-channel format that drops B in favour of better compression in R and G. The B channel is subsequently reconstructed in the shader for a correct unit vector representation of the surface. It looks like the A-10 files are not in BC5; which is odd, but likely an oversight. It would be more productive to report this as a bug.
  5. JESTER already does this. He scans the sky in a pattern and also looks at buttons/switches/instruments he is manipulating or observing. His head movements are an abstracted representation of this. His vision and spotting acuity within that visibility direction/cone is influenced by - and this is a non exhaustive list: Ambient lighting (sun, overcast, dusk, night, etc.) Light states Afterburner states (e.g. AB at night from rear -> very visible) Angular/relative velocity: If coming from head on aspect, very visible, if high relative velocities (i.e
  6. It's on our list to fix this particular issue and make missile calls more discerning and specific / limited.
  7. I think most of which needs to be said has already been said in this thread; but do keep in mind, at all times that: We don't spend hundreds of hours in tweaking, changing, fixing, improving just because. We do it because we either have a discrepancy in data vs performance, SME feedback is pointing us in a specific direction, or we, ourselves, feel that something isn't appropriately modeled. These things take a lot of time and I'm sure we will continue to tweak for quite a while to come. As fat_creason has mentioned; we've diverged some changes into a separate branch to avoid
  8. Partners as in Eagle Dynamics develop the platform. They're a HUGE part of our success, and so anything that we do, no matter how new or detached, is really in great part thanks to them.
  9. Hey everyone, Just crossposting some thoughts from hoggit; We were super happy to take part in ED's wonderful cloud video today with an early version of the AI A-6's - hope you enjoyed a taste of the WiP artwork. Last time we showed off the A-6, we said that we'd love to take it on as an official module and part of our roadmap - and today we've had the absolute pleasure of being able to confirm those plans. We remain very committed to DCS and couldn't be more pleased with being afforded the honour of building more great products on the platform. Our sh
  10. Thanks! The Fuel system is one of the oldest components in the jet. Some things may have broken along the way. We'll look into it.
  11. We're going to be rather quiet for most, if not all, of next year - outside of working on getting both the F-14 and Viggen feature complete and out of EA through Q1. Beyond that will be most exciting..
  12. Some of these things are simply bugs. Can you elaborate on the reinforcement edges? I am not aware of that particular subtelty. NACA ducts and reinforcement strut misalignment are both issues due for a fix, but they're not an issue with references at all. They're simply graphics errors (the duct occurs due to a mirroring without plugging the hole, the misalignment due to.. fatigue, I suppose ) As for your curiosity re actual BuNo's use as primary reference: 158627 (F-14D) - Hickory, NC 161134 (F-14A) - Titusville, FL 160889 (F-14A) - Santa Rosa, CA
  13. While I appreciate any and all sorts of feedback - this is simply put, not helpful at this stage; especially in a patch that sees significant, dedicated BVR additions and improvements (TTI, TGT Size, Jester functionality and logic improvements, etc.). We desperately need details! I know it may sometime seem like it falls on deaf ears when we work silently in the background, but we do read and log most of everything. We see the F-14 performing appropriately and consistently in testing for the most part, which is what is most frustrating when feedback on similar points ends up being
  14. I agree! I think anyone flying the viggen should put in the time and learn the radar to be able to night-fly just like the Swedish pilots did. :) That saiiiiid, I don't want that opinion to limit those who would rather experience the Viggen as if the pilot strapped on some NVG's in a hot scenario. It's a win-win, really. Those who want that experience can have it- while the authentic one remains, untouched. Hope our perspective makes sense
  15. I'll propose a thought experiment :) Say the AJS-37 was retired later than in reality, and had to continue to see stopgap use - especially in something like operating in a Caucasus theatre (somewhat far-fetched anyways). We don't believe it unlikely that push come to shove, the ubiquitous nature of Nod's in aviation would lead to either field or factory modifications of lighting. Generally, we draw the line at things like fantasy weapons or true aircraft features that did not exist. But a small piece of equipment that the pilot can bring onboard and mount on his helmet is rather benign. M
  16. Hey guys- please attach the crashdump and log files when you get them after a crash. Thanks!
  17. Dear All, Last update, we announced that we’ll be shipping the first F-14 campaign for the -B, based in the Caucasus theatre with tomorrow's patch. However, we’ve decided at practical completion and at a very late hour to significantly expand the -B campaign and build it out into a two parter. We’ve been inspired by being able to do a little bit more storytelling than we can by simply shipping aircraft themselves, and this has certainly been invigorating and motivating, and we just want to do.. more. Effectively, this means that the F-14 will, in total, ship with 3 campaigns upon exit
  18. The vapour will be fully overhauled. We're just waiting for some functionality for the vapour location to be able to move with the wings.
  19. Don't worry re stabilizers. We've introduced the 3.5 degree anhedral for this upcoming patch in both F-14A and F-14B models.
  20. DCS: F-14 Development Update Dear All, We’re super excited here at Heatblur: we’re about to finally launch the F-14A, arguably the biggest feature update to the F-14 since launch day, and a massive chunk of work in flight and systems modeling. Together with several other new features, we’re starting to solidify our goals in pulling the F-14 across the finish line by the 2 year release anniversary! The F-14A will go live on November 18th, together with a complete sound overhaul, full campaign for the -B Tomcat, and plenty of other new features, improvements and QoL changes. Sincere
  21. Hi Everyone, As the team continues to work hard on getting the F-14A ready for primetime, we thought we'd start off by talking a little more about one of the core upgrades we're making for this variant of the aircraft! Our RWR simulation for the F-14B is one of, what we consider, the crowning jewels of our F-14 product. However, we always feel like we can take a step further, and developing the ALR-45 for the F-14A provides us with exactly that opportunity. As a refresher, if you haven't seen or don't quite remember one of our development snapshot updates on the ALR-67, check it out HERE
  22. We've double checked the stick multiple times; the movement ranges (per manual) and our scans are correct as they are. At some point we'll take another look. Full forward, FWIW on the F-14 stick, is almost right up against the lower screen.
  23. This is unlikely to be fixed in a satisfactory way. The reason this happens is that the volume of JESTER is not tied to the Cockpit sound mixer slider after changing JESTER to come through the headphones source. This means that if you've turned down any of the sliders in the Sound menu; JESTER will seemingly be much more loud than the rest of the game audio (relatively speaking). If you want to avoid this; keep your sound sliders at 100% in the game's sound menu and then adjust your game volume based on this. EDIT: one thing we're looking at is being able to read the value from one
  24. Some features are added through communication with our SMEs. They'd regularly remove the HUD camera before landing.
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