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  1. Hey Cobra, 

    I´m sorry for writing you personal, but it looks like there is no other way this time. 

    There are several AJS-37 Bugs, reported by the community. But no reaction from HB until today, which isn´t very nice to see as a Viggen Driver. 

    To be honest, my squadron has about 90 virtual pilots and round about 20 of them love the Viggen, it´s their first choice if we have ground attack missions. 
    But since a long time now, the Viggen loses more and more of its capabilities. 

    Things i have found: 

    - Nav System doesn´t work correctly, waypoints are miles away from the planned point. 
       - Exactly this means we can´t do anything with INS guided weapons like the BK-90
        - Elint runs are very unprecise in cause of this.
    - RB-04 doesn´t work properly and misses the target all the time.
    - It feels like the engine can´t use its full thrust. 
    - U22A Jammer Pod- In the past, after landing the plane you were able to work with the collected data on your kneeboard. There were informations about the radar types and positions and also their aproximately position was shown on the AJS-37s kneeboard map. 

    Thats just a small amount of Bugs, but there are much more which have been reported by your customers. 

    I really never had anything to criticize about Heatblurs work, but the last months were very annoying  while waiting for fixes they never delivered. 

    So please, put some effort into this plane, fix it and please, bring it to an release after all this years. 

    It´s a great plane, please give this masterpiece of work back its old power. 
    We really NEED it in our squadron. It´s an indispensable plane for us. 

    An half year before, on mission days you could find 15 Viggens at the same time working together. But for round about 6 months now, the Viggen gets unfortunatly abandoned. 

    Best regards 


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