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  1. Keep in mind that the Ranger and Indy are not easy modifications considering the hull and deck changes - hence why we're leaving it open-ended for now. The Forrestal and Sara were chosen because data was more readily available at the time, and it fits well for going back in time considering the A-6 and others.
  2. We've now lowered the damage values across the board to try and avoid this desync; this change will be available with the next patch - let us know how you find it!
  3. Just a quick update on this front; we are preparing to launch our major F-14 patch and hopefully that will be wrapped together with a proper update on the Forrestal which will then be our target release for the next major DCS patch.
  4. I'm very confused. You want us to use the Ka-50 pilot in the F-14 as a stop-gap? And FWIW; I find the pilot body very useful and immersive, and I'd love to add more features to them (e.g.; when you manipulate a control, you see your pilot execute that animation) - it's just a matter of priorities and development bandwidth.
  5. FWIW I spent the morning speaking with a rendering engineer at ED to try and help solve this issue- it is being actively worked on.
  6. Headsup: what we noted last minor patch holds true today as well and there are no shipped HB changes in today's patch.
  7. Just a short update on this; we've just procured the last of our required scans to finally finish the AI draken and will be fixing errors introduced last year due to insufficient data. We'll update you ASAP on the progress of the aircraft!
  8. We are currently looking into a fix for this issue, hopefully fixed in the next patch
  9. Thanks for highlighting this. It's an unfortunate workaround for the fact that the F-14's sparrows are mounted in a non standard way vis-a-vis other DCS aircraft.
  10. We are not ignoring this issue - there is a DCS issue logged and an investigation is underway. I can't verify the testing team individuals direction. If there is something we can do to fix this in the F-14; we will. We have never, nor will we ever ignore issues; paying customers or not and I'm sorry that was not clear from my response. I was referring to the communication in this thread.
  11. FWIW we don't believe this to be on our side currently - hence why this has gone "ignored". Those texture asserts are errant.
  12. As an addendum to the above; there are a few areas we've recently seen that could be causing this, but we are focusing on other areas for now.
  13. This is fixed internally on the DCS side; but it has not been merged into the core sim yet. Hopefully next patch!
  14. Next patch is seeing a number of hydraulic system fixes - I will check if this one was included.
  15. The issue here is that this is not really a bug in the way it is being presented. You are using an exceptionally low gamma setting. We master at 2.2. 2.2 is the appropriate gamma level for the DCS renderer and tone-mapper. It's possible the TID appears slightly dimmer in cloudy conditions now as the eye adjustment post processing considers clouds to be brighter than clear skies so we may tweak it a bit for the next patch. Nothing was (intentionally) changed about the way we render fonts, lines or anything else on the TID or otherwise. Are you certain of this and not a
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