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  1. I also got a brand new laptop and a new graphic card. Both the laptop and the desktop with new graphic card was crashing randomly. After a couple days, it went away. Sometimes, new hardware need time to burn in. If the problem persists, try to download some CPU and GPU temperature/load monitoring programs and keep an eye on them. And get a laptop cooler if you haven't already.
  2. I've had this issue with X52 Pro a while back and posted on Saitek forum thinking that there should be simple calibration fix. There wasn't and I was told that it was defect. Had to get a replacement. Not sure if X55 is different but I would ask on Saitek forum.
  3. Closing in on them doesn't sound like a good option on this particular mission as they're behind enemy ground troops and multiple SAM. They eventually come forward but if I wait till then, ally ground troops gets destroyed which actually is the mission goal. I'll try Vikhr at a distance. Thanks.
  4. GoW 10th mission. ATO B.P3.3 is the mission title. There are 3 Apache in the mission area that are killing me every time. I dealt with one that's flying around by himself using my wingman but the two that are flying in formation... I'm not sure what to do. I tried charging in, Hellfire. I tried Vikhr, Hellfire. I tried taking cover behind ally ground troops hoping they can take it down but no luck. They get wiped out first. Any advice would be appreciated.
  5. Maybe I don't understand how the search works on this forum but I did a search with those keywords in the title and nothing comes up. I have dual monitor setup with Shkval on the right monitor. Works well. But when I turn on the night goggles, the main window stretches to both monitor with Shkval overlayed on the right monitor. So I get half of the cockpit on my main monitor and Shkval on the right. Version 1.0.2 Any way to fix this?
  6. Thanks for clearing that up. I tried your settings and I had to set far clip to 180,000 in order for transparency to be completely gone at 6km. But you said you achieved it with 80,000 far clip? Any idea as to the reason for the difference? Again, all other settings of mine are from Frazer's tweak guide. The building I'm using for testing is the factory looking building right behind the AAA in the quick mission.
  7. Fogparams 1/2 meaning 1 for FogParam1 and 2 for FogParam2? Or 0.5 for both FogParam? Or half the original value? Bit confused. Anyway, I tried all of your settings but not getting any improvement. Still have transparent buildings even at 6km away no matter what values I use for far clip and fogparams. I'm using Frazer's tweaks and is there a setting in there that also conflicts?
  8. Doesn't need to make sense. Editing log file wasn't part of the game design.
  9. Well, I learned a few tricks on how to bug multiple overlapping targets by watching Ironhand's videos. I'm sure you already know that the target you want to bug doesn't have to be completely inside the two vertical lines. It bugs the closest one when you hit designate button so if I want to bug the lead, I move the cursor below so only the top of the cursor is touching the target dot. Then to bug the overlapping trail, I move the cursor up so only the bottom of the cursor is touching the dots. Sometimes moving it to side when there are more than 2. Wish I can illustrate this with screensho
  10. And now it seems those suggestions were minority. If there are forum threads asking for a features and 50 some people agreeing with it, doesn't mean that's everyone or even the majority. People who thinks its garbage idea wont even respond. Game designs being changed by few that are active on the forums.
  11. Obviously * English for English version of the sim * Russian for Russian version of the sim Not everything has to be 100% realistic and we have to take Russian lessons just to fly on Russian side. And when I'm flying, I like to keep my eyes on the gauges and surrounding environment. Not on reading subtitles. Subtitles sure are not realistic.
  12. Haven't tried this campaign after the patch but I don't think HOJ are effective. Because it can go after the bombers in this particular mission. What I do as soon as burn through is lock one target in STT, order wing 3 to engage my target, launch... and it is important that you don't break lock until wing 3 acknowledges your order. As soon as he confirms the order, break lock, lock up next target, order 4 to engage, I launch, and by now, they already have launched at least 2 missiles at you. Break away and give "cover me" command to wing 2 as you break away. How many direct orders you can
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