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  1. Yep - I understand now that the lilliputs are only USB. Learn something new everyday, thanks to the great Forum here and the helpful members.
  2. GaryR - Great setup, this is exactly how I hope to run my rig. I may be missing something here, but it seems there are only four output slots on the GPU, so how do you run your primary 3 monitors, and the lilliput MFDs. Seems to me that is five screens with four output slots???
  3. HellsBells - Right on, thanks for the quick reply. Looks like you've got quite a setup as I thought five monitors was pretty extreme. I checked this model, but looks like it only has 4 outputs. Do you run dual cards? I was fiddling around with the monitor .LUA settings last night just to get the hang of things and at least try to get one MFD LED set up. Would it be possible for you to send me or post here a copy of your .lua file? I would just modify it to take out the extra 65" monitor?
  4. Hey, I'm trying to figure out my next step in regards to getting a video card that will handle 5 monitors (3 main monitors) and two thrustmaster MFD's with small lilliput monitors behind them. I know GPU prices are steep now, but looking for when prices come down a bit. Presently I have a geforce 1060 that runs fine with 5 available outputs, but only can run 4 monitors max. Thanks.
  5. Just getting started in the Harrier and was wondering how people access the MFDs as the warning light panels obscure some of the MFD buttons? I've heard of snap views, would they apply here? Thanks.
  6. Mission #2 - ILS?? Great campaign so far, only on Mission #2, but was unable to find the ILS for the Case III landing. Any ideas what this it?
  7. Mission #2 - ILS?? I had to go back to Mission #1 to find Tacan. Wasn't able to find ILS though - I didn't see it in the briefing. Any idea what ILS is?
  8. Sorry also for the late notice. (16AGM) Mac (Blue-F18)now unavailable for today's campaign.
  9. Settings Labels - Controllers Having the same issues since the update. I also run 3 monitors.
  10. I'm having the same problem. Old commands work, just that you cannot change any of them or the controller type (column) is not visible, nor are the commands. The settings page is blank.
  11. Havintg the same problem. I'm having the same problem. I had to re-map the keys for the speedbrake to another button. I will contact TM directly for resolution. Thanks for the postings.
  12. I'm having the same issues. Launch off deck around 170 knots, don't touch the stick, then slowly loose speed and go right into the water. Tested with another plane at a regular airfield, he confirmed , my burners were on as we took off together with no issues. On the carrier, fuel flow is good, flaps full and throttles show 100% when I go into the water. Something up with the carrier model I suspect. I can get airborne, but only when flying "empty", with no gas or weapons. Flightstick is Thrustmaster Warthog. I may have to re-calibrate it again or re-install drivers.
  13. I'm having problems with a Thrustmaster Warthog. I have the airbrake buttons mapped to my throttle, but when flying, the airbrake goes out automatically sometimes. Same thing for one of my mike buttons (mapped to the communication buttons, which opens up the communications menu). I've done a test of my joystick and all of the buttons turn on/off when pressed - no problems there. I've checked my game settings - no duplicated buttons are mapped. The only way to resolve this is to manually uncouple a button to this setting in DCS. Thrustmaster has been great, and they are willing to sen
  14. Awesome. Thanks for the resources. This will be a big help. I tried to use TARGET with DCS, but somehow it would read my Thrustmaster Warthog as a joystick, a throttle, and a combined joystick/throttle. Took my a while to find out why my settings were always cockeyed.
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