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  1. Please add me to the list. Slovakia. Thanks
  2. Ive come to this mod by accident, searching for something else. For years I ve been waiting for some official modul of yoke controlled cargo plane. I think it has huge potential for missions, escort, deliver cargo etc... Now tried this mod, it is really refreshing and fun to fly. Please keep up doing great work. It deserve more attention from the community.
  3. Black MFG crosswind v2 pedals for sale, bought it for christmas, but used it just for an hour. One soft spring and one additional cam is included. Reason for the sale is I have no time to fly now and in the near future. Im from slovakia, can send it to near countries. Price 315€. Will provide photos if youre interested in purchase send PM.
  4. Worked, thank you very much.
  5. Hi, after a while, I wanted to get in JF17 again, but Im no able to make a mission in the editor with JF17. It is missing from the list of the planes. I can make an instant action mission sucessfuly and fly JF17, but unfortunately It is not available for me in the editor. As far as I know, I do not have any mod installed for the JF17. Thanks for the help.
  6. Use notching while keeping them on your radar limit till amraam goes pitbull. While maintaining lock, you can change direction to the opposite site and shoot another missile. Their missile will bleed energy.
  7. It is my favorite modul, despite criticism I liked its features on launch. By the end of April it should get maverics, so I look forward to it. Hotas is mapped good and I like it during AA combat... veľa štastia ;)
  8. Hello, is there a reference for exporting JF17 ufcp data display fields? Thank you
  9. I don´t think this is correct. Devs could give us real height and width of mfd screen...:music_whistling:
  10. Hi, I would like to make MFDs for myself, is there some blueprints, dimmensions to share? Also, what buttons would be the best for this use, link for store? Especialy those two way for changing contrast, brightness like on thrustmasters mfd. Same for center panel. Many thanks
  11. 3D editor, civilians ground units, civil aircrafts, more objects
  12. CCRP mode will first slew to the steerpoint selected, then you can move it where you want.
  13. Thank you Sarge, worked.
  14. Are you able to export DED? How?
  15. There is a bug section for this matter where you can describe everything, provide all data, tracks and your whole analysis. It is much more helpful for them, than posting multiple posts here.. My first impressions are great! Thank you ED, wags for your hard work and dedication to release F16 for all of us into early access.
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