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  1. You loose your throttle control only when you loose your engine(s). So stuck in 95% isn't an option. My guess is autothrottle or a hard-/software error.
  2. I (still) share my opinion with britgliderpilot and Kuky. Is there any fighterpilot around who could tell us how it's in RL? :music_whistling:
  3. I'm not guestioning about it's necessity, 'cause it is a necessity. I use it as much as other controls, just wan't to know how YOU use it!
  4. As I said, I wasn't talking about landing etc. I ment basic turns, like "45 deg bank to right", do people use rudder in basic turns.
  5. Age of 20 I fixed a gearbox of my car, attached it back again, and in the evening I had time to see my friends. And all this after 8 hour workday. Now; I checked the oil and did a quick visit to market, and boy, it's 10:30 PM now, and I've been really busy whole day! Is there something wrong in the world these days?
  6. I've studied soaring for months now. I have learnt, that in a sailplane you really have to use the rudder while turning. Otherwice your turns will be really "weird", as in RL and sims as well. Not so big thing in one engine civ planes, like cessna tought, but if you want to make it clean, you use it in cessna also. The guestion: (and we are talking about fighters) 1) In RL, do they use rudder as much (if any?) to make turns smooth? Is it needed at all, 'cause the aerodynamics aren't like civ planes? Doesn't fighters turn pretty smooth without rudder? 2) How about Lock On, do you use
  7. 30 week ago, now 31. Mental age: Teen. (Check yours here: http://www.espinthebottle.com/quiz_take.phtml?qid=4 ) "What’s Your Mental Age? RESULT: Teen A delicate blend of childlike enthusiasm and adult-style maturity. Well, a little bit of maturity. You've got a free spirit, and you love to have fun. Admirable qualities for sure. Just be sure not to have too much fun. You know, like, one-way-ticket-to-the-emergency-room fun. Oh, who are we kidding? You'll do just fine."
  8. Hardcore I'm so hardcore simmer that everything what cannot be done in RL, I won't do in a game. I don't care much if others don't think the same. Well okay, it's maybe a little annoying if someone shoots 6 missiles towards me at once. If I had the time/money/resources, I'd put up a server where you have only ONE life. You get killed, off you go. If you manage to eject, then you could carry on, maybe, depends on WHERE you ejected. Maybe it takes time to rescue you, so you could go online after a while. And yes, everything what is "not" in real life, would be cheating, even if you could d
  9. You really should see my plane, J-3 Piper Cup :D I believe after that no one thinks it's easy to fly RC planes.. Ok, but seriously. It's hard at the beginning, especially if you have to learn all by yourself, like I had to. And when learning from mistakes, the plane gets "used look" reeeeally soon :( And yes, RC planes are harder than sims, and many ways harder than real ones. I don't mean like f-18, or ILS landing etc. But just the basics. When you got small electric one, you have no power reserve, wind flips it easily, and... What I'm trying ?! I just don't know how to fly RC planes p
  10. Link ain't working anymore, at least for me. Where (if anywhere) to find it...?
  11. Like GG said: If the answer is no, you really should get to know our friend, John Titor :P And thank god no one noticed that those Hornets was actually Finnish! As you can see here, look at the markings... http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Finnish_Air_Force And THAT's the real secret which OldFrankHog tried to mislead you from :P
  12. Speaking of right vs. center stick. Is there any other "right-stick" plane than F-16 in active duty?
  13. A-10 ECM If you have Flaming Cliffs with latest update, you can change you payload in campaigns also. I'm not sure how's it in earlier, like 1.02. However, ECM pod is included to all campaign missions default payloads. But while arming your plane, it's easy to see. It says "ALQ-131 ECM" when checking the hardpoint.
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