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  1. Celler Dweller; This what I recieved (I put a trouble ticket in), try below, worked for me. Cheers TiGGs These are trial modules. Yours sincerely In the spring, our company held a "Free for All" campaign and provided users with access to all of its products. Please just remove the Su-27 and MiG-29 via the module manager. Your FC3 will not be affected (checked many, many times) Yours sincerely Alexandr Maximov
  2. Many Many Thanx to Alexandr Maximov, I had an issue, (minor but I could not resolve ) I was thoroughly impressed with the prompt response to my issue by Alex. I have enjoyed this sim since the beginning.... and the "staff/Team" that has been responsible for DCS et is simply outstanding. TiGGs
  3. SU 27 and Mig29 are disabled. Not sure where to put this. This issue cropped up about a month ago. When I run my DCS latest Beta I get the following: see attachments I have had this sim from day 1; I have DCS World, Flaming Cliffs, All the maps I try my Flaming Cliffs serial Number but nogo.......I try to "bind" but second screen shot pops up .... I select OK.....in the Downloaded A/C/Terrain/DLC Section of the Sim both A/C are selected as INSTALLED. My sim runs just fine, no issues, just unable to fly the SU 27 or the Mig 29. Thanx in Advance and have a Great Navy Day TiGGer
  4. Thanx all for the support. I did a repair/integrity. Boom everything is there. Again many thanx. TiGGs
  5. I select from drop down menus/fields while sitting on ramp or runway
  6. Ladies n Gents I am running the latest Open Beta; yet I have no HARPOON avail to me when I arm me A/C F18 Just 82/83/LAUs/ and AAMs. Etc Me thinks I am getting Chiefzymers? Thanx all TiGGs
  7. winwing site loads with no issue at my end..... (Canada) though..... some of the pics on the site seem...... photoshopped or "enhanced" in some way??
  8. Concur Cupra; Here ya go ... enjoy Bruiser = Friendly Air launched "Anti Ship Missile" Bulldog = Friendly Surface (Ship) Launched "Anti-Ship Missile ................ a HARPOON can be both and... more .... depending on Theatre of Ops (TOO) / Are of Ops (AOO) etc etc I believe I still have this and other pubs memorized ;-) https://apps.dtic.mil/dtic/tr/fulltext/u2/a404426.pdf
  9. DCS FIX PLEASE .....Rudder >>>>>> DCS FIX PLEASE I have the same setup.... same issue since last update or so ago......and it is indeed annoying. My :helpsmilie::helpsmilie::helpsmilie::helpsmilie::helpsmilie::helpsmilie::helpsmilie::helpsmilie::helpsmilie:issue is with all A/C TiGGs
  10. I have been using 1 set CH Rudder pedals since they were first produced (15+ years) without any issues except conducting a thorough cleaning once a year or so. The CH product has been outstanding. I received my CROSSWIND pedals by MFG the other day; From ordering on line to receiving ( Croatia to West Coast Canada) less than one month which I find outstanding considering Milan/Team produce the pedals from the ground up upon an order(?). It is very clear from the onset delivery is longer than one may expect. Packaging is robust; Customer service is outstanding; Milan responded to e
  11. Yakkity Yak Yak Bring it on. I will purchase, learn how to fly the Yak and maybe apply some of those new skills to ACM and just have plain olde fun flying.:pilotfly: Looking forward to the addition to me hangar. TiGGs sends
  12. .... is it a tad high? But an outstanding mod....... me thinks will see if I can set something up for me Warthawg./ TiGGs sends
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