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  1. Thought I would just post this question here instead of making a new thread. I'm designing a collective and trying to finalize the throttle portion using a hall sensor, of which I've never worked with before and have no sensors or magnets to test atm. Using the design below, which block magnet should I be using, N & S poles on the large faces, or N & S on the short sides? This throttle arm is going to be rotating over the hall sensor as pictured, so I was hoping it could start the axis movement from the top position and finish for max throttle when it reaches the sensor, pr
  2. A dream aircraft for me. Looking VERY forward to it!
  3. I actually remember the devs mentioning rear crew and deployment was something they were gonna add once skeletal animations had been added. This was ages ago so I'm sure priorities changed. Still would be nice, maybe a Huey 2.0 if it doesn't detract from other projects?
  4. I would settle just for an update on the carrier radio communications.
  5. Just tried ejecting from the F-18 and I can walk on the SC.
  6. My 1070 also runs maxed most of the time, which is to be expected.
  7. The range has definitely been decreased. I noticed the model/texture changing even in cockpit view approaching the catapult.
  8. There's most likely an issue with both at the moment. Main thing I noticed is CCRP range reticle when using GBU's doesn't display. The release text cue displays but not the rest.
  9. Thanks to everyone who made this possible! :thumbup:
  10. While with the current track replay syrem it would probably be impossible, but an addition of a seeking bar with rewind, and specific time selections would be nice.
  11. Atleast Syria has forced me to finally upgrade to 32gb from 16. It's been long time coming and it's clear DCS can no longer run in its fullest capacity with 16GB :thumbup:
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