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  1. OP didn't ask abount Cougar or CH. Please keep to the topic. I vote for Saitek Cyborg.
  2. X52 Pro here and happy with it. I think is the best value/cost and will be interesting to see the LEDs and MFD working when PCIP is avaliable.
  3. ¡Qué guapo te está quedando! Plz keep working on this, it will be a must-have mod when it's finished. Somebody should mod some taliban :D
  4. I was trying to make a real spanish skin, so I decided to paint the Shark like the most feared copter here in Spain: the Ministry of Interior traffic control copter that belongs to "Guardia Civil": Some real models: http://www.airliners.net/photo/Trafico---Ministerio/Aerospatiale-AS-355N-Ecureuil/1463356/M/ http://www.airliners.net/photo/Trafico---Ministerio/Eurocopter-EC-120B-Colibri/1357840/M/ Download [Megaupload] Install with ModMan Use with traffic enabled :D "We can't drive for you, we are counting the money"
  5. How this "new" trim works? I use to activate Flight Director to change altitud/direction avoiding FCS to be disabled, then, with a stabilized course, I press trim button, disable flight director, release trim button et voilà... in course and stabilized.
  6. DCS: BS is the best simulator since Falcon 4.0 so it's obvious it has to be the best 2008 sim :thumbup:
  7. Great! Thanks Miguez! @Alex O'kean: Is it possible to add switch status to the tooltips? Is that info stored as "public" and readable by .lua scripts?
  8. Un gran simulador para una gran distribuidora. Es una noticia fantástica para el mercado español. Ójala se forren vendiéndolo ;) Great simulator for a great publisher. Fantastic news for the spanish market. I wish they get rich selling it ;)
  9. I would love it! In fact, I asked for it at DCS Wish List thread! :smilewink: For those who say your mouse is over the switch, yes, it's obvious, but next time you want to use it you could remember the shortcut. I remember the Ctrl+Z shortcut because I've seen it many times next to "Undo", that's the way it works. Perhaps next time you want to turn a switch on you cannot move your POV to the cockpit or your right hand to the mouse. If you add keyboard shortcuts to the tooltips, could you enclose them in brackets? Battery 2 [LCtrl+LAlt+LShift+W]
  10. It's an old technology, I have a pair of ELSA 3D Revelator since 1999 and was not a good investment: · You need twice the framerate. With 30 fps you only feel 15 fps. · You need high refresh rate monitor, most LCD pannels doesn't give more than 60hz and at 60fps v-synced they still shows a trail (that ruins the 3D experience when it mix both eyes' picture). With CRT works really nice but I haven't one to test BS. · You need to set low resolution in order to get better refresh rates therefore lower image quality. · You need twice the power to show the same image quality (but in 3D) and a
  11. Just trying to give you some rep+ but can't do it twice :smilewink:
  12. I'm trying "Alarm!" mission just now, could you add a checklist for night procedures? I vote for sticky too :thumbup: EDIT: "You must spread some reputation around before giving it so SDeath again" :(
  13. My Wish List: · Show key command and status on tooltips. · Better support for multi-monitor. · Better and deeper training tracks, instead of a list of key command / actions.
  14. I solved it uninstalling Gametap.
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