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  1. Thanks it's not a game breaking issue, moving with the WP command corrects it but thanks for looking at it if you get a chance.
  2. Just started seeing some odd behavior when placing ground units. I will create a group of ground units, for example 4 T-72 tanks, I will name the group "T-72" and mark this as a late activation. When in game after I use the -s command to place them they will spawn but then immediately drive up right next to the #1 unit and then stop. I don't remember them doing this previously and I was hoping they would just stay in their initial spawn locations and not bunch up. If I issue them a -wp command they stay in the formation after stopping though, it's just the initial placement that they bunch up.
  3. It's been fixed, thanks to the team for getting it corrected.
  4. As far as using the UH-60 model no it doesn't affect the folding animation of the SH-3, it folds just fine after shutting down. The only small glitch is that the tail wheel is slightly sunk into the ground but it dosen't bother me and you could most likely tweak the gear position to get it just right if you really wanted to.
  5. yeah shoot me a PM and I can email them to you would be the best way I suppose. I had no idea Razbam was making a SH-3, is it just AI or flyable? As a side note, the SH-3 AI bounces on it's tail wheel when landing so I took the UH-60 and pasted it over the SH-3 in the Helicopterconst.lua and it fixed it. There might be an easier way but that is what I found worked for me.
  6. it's intermittent and was happening before the last TPOD update. The slew would reverse and go to a very high slew rate usually after some type of target designation and after changing from TPOD to the DMT view, but sometimes the Maverick slew will invert and go to a high rate. Again this is not easy to reproduce, it's happening on occasion so it's tough to understand if there is a common cause. I can't imagine there is a mode that would purposely cause any slewing commands to reverse, if so please let me know. The next time I play if it occurs I'll try to upload the track file.
  7. Great to see the TPOD updates, very useful now that the double click SS gets you to the TPOD page. The only small issue I've come across is that the TPOD zoom buttons only allow small increments, you can't hold the button down to zoom in and out continuously like before. Anyone else with this issue?
  8. Very nice. The camo pattern for Euro One is already present, has been one of the default schemes since it was introduced. Would like to see how it looks with some of your roughmets applied, maybe a bit more matte. For whatever reason the model has some weird shines on it, especially around the engine naceles which make the plane look like it's made out of molten plastic.
  9. Found the MOD to add ATGM units to the game, not sure if it works, last updated 2018 it seems. Not sure how to link the thread but search in the MOD section under "AT Soldier Mod" Update: the mod still works fine and the TOW soldiers are quite effective, just make sure to spawn them in the RED alarm state otherwise they tend to not fire.
  10. Can someone provide me with an already edited roughmet layer I could apply to make the A-10 skins fully matte? I messed the the old spec layers years ago but I don't have the time to dive into learning roughmet stuff right now, my old brain won't handle it.
  11. Aha, a learning moment for myself: First as far as liveries, I found that by creating a late activation group and pre-selecting the liveries for that group will allow the mission creator to specify which livery is present on spawn. For example I created a 2 ship CH53E group, picked the livery for them, checked "late activation" and named the group "ch53". Upon using the "-s-ch53" command the group spawns as the two ship in the pre-designated livery. The idea of you trying to include every livery in game isn't feasible and I think this is the option that is best suited for what I was requiring.
  12. It seems they are aware of it and might have a fix in the next update and yes it's intermittent.
  13. This is something that should have been included in the basic ME from the start for us single player type people that enjoy the "Sandbox" type of enjoyment, thank you so much for sharing this. Question: Using your template for spawning how does it determine which livery to use? is this selectable? Question: I can't seem to make any helicopters land using the -lz command, is there more that needs to be set up before hand? using the ME path finding just makes them fly around in circles.
  14. that is what I was looking for, thank you.
  15. Major bug plus the DMT TDC slew gets reversed and goes to a uncontrollable high rate. Hopefully they can squash this bug quickly as it's been reported numerous times that the AGM-65F IR is not locking on or doing so very intermittently at best.
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