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  1. 使用工具翻译以后, 需要把任务另存是吗?
  2. 在试用如何翻译。。。 如果能有时间教一下方法就好了, 我在DOF群里。
  3. 能帮助翻译一下红旗军演吗?买了一直没能玩下去。
  4. 如果有玩家翻译了分享出来也行,可惜一直没有。
  5. 登录服务器连接不上,国内无法开固定游戏服务器,是制约这游戏发展最大的问题!
  6. 好多优秀的收费战役,买了没有汉化,很多新飞都不会购买! 如果能提升战役汉化程度,会给众多新飞友带去更多个人练习的机会! 感谢汉化组大大们一直以来的努力! 只为能有更多国内飞友而立此贴:megalol:
  7. Serial #: Stick & Throttle: 60196 Location: ZJ,China
  8. DCS2.0 integrity check error, how should I solve, has been used "repair" function.
  9. hi i been playing with my modules for months i have A10c BS2 Fc3 well i was playing normal then i update the game when i tried to get in multiplayer and i log in it says invalid serial then i was like hum whats goin on then i went to dcs webpage i check all my serials number and my A10C has been blacklisted thats not fear i dont even know why i already tried to contact Support but they take long to answere can someone help me , i havent done anything wrong i dont even know how to shot missiles right
  10. 00000.000 INFO VFS: Using 'Saved Games': "F:\Saved Games" 00000.002 INFO LAUNCHER: Launch command: C:\Program Files\Eagle Dynamics\DCS World\bin\dcs.exe --net-mode gui 02342.552 UNKNOWN main: locale: en EN 02342.654 UNKNOWN main: me_db_api creation started 02342.904 UNKNOWN main: MOD loading: ./mods/tech/CombinedArms/entry.lua 02342.905 UNKNOWN main: MOD loading: ./mods/aircrafts/A-10C/entry.lua 02342.905 UNKNOWN main: MOD loading: ./mods/aircrafts/Ka-50/entry.lua 02342.905 UNKNOWN main: MOD loading: ./mods/aircrafts/P-51D/entry.lua 02342.906 UNKNOWN main: MOD loading: ./mods/a
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