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  1. This!! It's really hard to believe that airport headlights don't light airplane for performance reasons, but hundreds of small lightsources light up civilian traffic correctly and that doesn't cause performance issues.
  2. It seems that the discord server isn't working anymore? It shows only the rules channel:
  3. I don't think so, if you notice the shimmering is there in the 2.7 promo videos. You can see it in action even looking at far clouds near the horizon...
  4. Same issue here, yesterday in Nevada. I'll post a track asap.
  5. I have a 2080ti too and with the G2 I had shimmering and aliasing even with msaa 2x and 100% steamvr resolution. Cockpit looked fine (within the tiny tiny sweet spot), external objects showed a very rapid degradation with distance (10 meters +). Is a mix of useless AA tech (MSAA is pretty useless in 2D 3440x1440 monitor too) and not enough ppi for simming without shimmering. Some people just don't/won't notice.
  6. Yes I know but it's not only a matter of amplitude, it's really a mismatch between the sim events (engine RPM, just as an example) and the vibrations frequency. Well I saw there is an "uwp" editor, maybe something can be done with that.
  7. The control panel slide works, but I think that these motors are not capable of "light and subtle" vibrations (at higher frequency but with less amplitude) but only low rumble power ones.
  8. Ok I already tried enabling the control dial, but it didn't work. I'll try with the control panel slider or the russian version, thanks
  9. First of all let me say this thing is wonderful, the immersion factor is indeed increased and the build quality and software support is just plug & play. Great!! BUT... there is a but: It's TOO POWERFUL!!! I tried tuning down the vibration intensity via the wheel on the physical controller and via control panel, but with all effects set to 50 in simshaker for aviators, the minimum vibration intensity is still too high. It's like the "main volume" vibration intensity setting is being ignored. Sorry but I couldn't find the answer elsewhere
  10. It just arrived, looks and feels very sturdy. For Italian customers, watch out customs duties are 58€.
  11. I live in Italy, my jetseat has been shipped exactly 2 months ago, and only yesterday has been released from the national mail hub (so I think it will be here in 2-4 days)
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