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  1. Hey just to continue with this. The one thing For sure only type 1 or 2 during night and dusk. Type 3 during daylight only.
  2. Good day everyone Just wondering if anyone has work around the poor multiplayer performance regarding lag and warping in 2.7. Very frustrating to say the least. I have tried running the server wth out clouds and or mods and same performance results. Cheers
  3. Hey Vectorforfood

    Are you still having this issue and if so what are you running the dedicated server on? 

  4. Hi Rayrayblues. 
    Question? In one post you indicated you have all your scripts in the saved games DCS/scripts folder. How does that work out for you. You show that you have RAT and hell rescue as well as others. Example: In a mission there would need to be a trigger that would need to be set up to point to those scripts correct? 


    Never seen this before so I’m very curious 


    thanks and stay safe 



    1. rayrayblues


      I don't need triggers for RAT and SAR (search and rescue) scripts. MOOSE does it all.

      The only trigger is the 'Late Activation' checkbox when setting it up.

      I don't have any other kinds of scripts and I don't really know how to use triggers.



  5. Hey all hope your all doing well. I’ll get to the point. Although 2.7 is fantastic Leap forward for DCS. It’s giving some major headaches. We operated multiple instances oN windows 2008RT dedicated server. After the release of 2.7 I found that I had to purchase a new server O/S because 2008 RT was considered windows 7 and DCS would not run any long. Huge cost on my end but that’s progress. What I noticed during the update was a lot of errors in certain Lua files missing. After clean install of the entire server and DCS. I finally got it running. What we are seeing now there are few members
  6. I don't know about anyone else but after this update the webgui does not seem to be updating. Ports are open and still showing server offline Suggestions please.. Thanks
  7. Did you remember what the other file was. That fix did it for me as well so thanks for that.
  8. Guys this is an incredible aircraft. Much better then some of the pay ware out there. Incredible work truly. Thank you so much for this aircraft.
  9. Wood

    Loss of 6DOF in VR

    Hey thanks!! that did it
  10. Hey all. Not sure if I’ll explain this right. I have Reverb G2 and it’s been working fantastic until. Just got back today after a long week. Updated to the recent 2.7 update. Hopped in the sim and noticed that I lost all freedom in VR. Move head forward and the panel moves back. Move side to side and the whole display moves side to side. It’s like it lost 6DOF. If that makes any sense at all. Anyone seeing this cheers
  11. Same here but not just for Oculus. Also G2. Center view is Useless. Cant physically move your head forward to zoom in to an area. Seems like the view position is locked in on area.
  12. Hey thanks for the reply. That’s not it. I’m kind of thinking that it’s my OS on the server. My server is running windows server 2008 R2. Which is comparable to Win 7. So looking to upgrade the server OS. At a huge expense which is not cool. Heres a question. I see conflicting post and you tube videos on running DCS on a Linux system. I’d rather go with a Linux server but can it be done and will it work. Any Suggestions or inputs. Cheers
  13. Hey All. No hair left whatsoever. Can anyone please tell me how this is possible. I've had and always had 4 instances running with 2.5 OB dedicated server and now can't get one server running on 2.7. Can't get my hair back but at least like to get my servers back. Thanks Wood
  14. Hi Flappy ahh! I see that. Thank you. Here is a question. Here's a question? I know what it says about not using mods. however, I created a NTTR mission about 4 years ago using the 476 vFG - Air Weapons Range Objects mod pack. Using the same objects as in the 476th miz. why would that mission load and not ours when it uses the same objects mind boggling to say the least or am I missng something Thanks again
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