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  1. What is the top speed of a Viggen? It’s cited as a Mach 2+ fighter, yet, I have never heard a Viggen pilot admit to have exceeded Mach 2... There are several truths when you consider aircraft performance. * The official performance data * The classified performance data * PR * Actual perceived performance And then there’s the performance you are able to simulate on a personal computer.
  2. Of course... You will always level your head with gravity, unless you lean back on purpose. It’s a limitation of the viewing reference system of the sim. The VR reference system only picks up the angle of your head, not your torso. So if it aligns the view with the horizon, when on ground, you’d be looking down, when in flight. Try leaning back, when sitting on ground and hit re-center. Now sit up normally. Your view should be aligned with the horizon. After you take off, hit re-center again to align with the aircraft.
  3. So naturally, his legs won’t move! Duh! ;) Nor is there any point strapping in...
  4. I was intrigued by this thread, so I had to check. Here’s how it looks in my Rift S. Picture taken through the VR Lens.
  5. Also check the cams. The first version of the MT-50 that I had, used M3 screws for the cams, and mine would wiggle a little, after a while. VPC swapped my unit for a new one, with M4 screws, which have worked flawlessly.
  6. I live in Tromsø. I’ll have to come by and fly your sim one day, when I’m down south... :)
  7. The RAT should extend with nose gear compression and retract with landingear up. At present it retracts with nose gear unloading, which is wrong. Here’s a movie of the real retraction on takeoff.
  8. I’ve been following your FB page. Looks great! Is this the same design as the https://heritageflightsim.com/ pit, or is it your own design? I wish I had the space to build one...
  9. Cool! However, will this create even more ASW artifacts and ghosting?
  10. Come to think of it, I still have leftover hall sensors and magnets, from my build. If you only need a couple I could send them to you...
  11. You need diametrically magnetized (polarized) magnets. The ones in your link are axially magnetized. These are the ones I used. https://www.supermagnete.de/eng/ring-magnets-neodymium/ring-magnet-10mm-5mm-5mm_R-10-05-05-DN You put the hall sensor inside the hole and let the magnet turn with the axis.
  12. What Hall sensor are you using? I used Allegro A1302 sensors and diametrically polarized ring magnets. Worked great.
  13. Perhaps this will give you some ideas?
  14. You are correct. It can be wired for ON-OFF-ON for two circuits though, as mentioned in the text. Or you can wire it to have only one circuit on or both at the same time. The point was, however, that you can take a simple DPDT ON-OFF-ON switch and modify it to a ON-ON-ON switch, by bending the contacts.
  15. The baseplate for the MT-50 transfers the load from the gimbal to the case and case screws. IMO the U bracket is the better option for mounting the base as it is directly connected to the gimbal. If you have some simple tools, you could make your own floor to U bracket mount.
  16. Here’s how I make my ON-ON-ON switches. I think it’s in the other thread as well. https://www.dropbox.com/s/gq6qeck3yijvxxi/DIY%20ON-ON-ON%20Switch.pdf?dl=0
  17. It’s the TM base that is the limiting factor. It can’t be programmed like the VPC bases can.
  18. You sure there are no double commands mapped to the brakes? Did you try setting some deadzones in the axis adjustment, in DCS?
  19. Here’s my review. https://www.mudspike.com/vpc-mt-50cm2-warbrd-review/
  20. Ha! True... I have a saying that perfection is not a state, it’s a path... ;) I didn’t fly for a couple of months, while I built my . But now I’m just taking breaks to add or change stuff and get to fly regularly.
  21. Works just fine! And, if you want, you can reprogram these switches to just send a “pulse”, like pressing and releasing a button. But it’s not needed.
  22. Yes, I got that. Different joysticks, different centering force. But what’s your point in the post? Do you think the WH is too hard, or the MT-50 too soft..? :dunno:
  23. So... Where are you going with this? Is there a point, that I have missed, in your post..?
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