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  1. And the best workaround is... MMJoy2. This is the firmware for microcontrollers, written by mega_mozg, and is the firmware I use for my ConTrollRhttp://simhq.com/forum/ubbthreads.php/topics/4266967/1 Just set one switch to ON/OFF repeat, and you have yourself a single switch Ejection button. :) But still... ED, it's a good idea to drop the 3x requirement for Ejecting, or just add a single command under VR. Because you don't have time to take off the HMD and look for CtrlE, much less hit it three times, when ejecting in VR.
  2. Yes, but it doesn't solve the problem if you want to make an ejection handle...
  3. Of course! That's it! Add a command under VR in the commands section that accomplish the same thing as 3xCtrlE but with a single press. This can't be that hard to do? I really don't want to rip my HMD off to find the keyboard to hit CtrlE three times when I just had a missile up my tailpipe. Finding the correct button on the HOTAS and press that one three times takes long enough... A single button, that when pressed once, starts the Ejection. Please, ED! :)
  4. No, I haven't. But that's a good idea. Of course, there are workarounds to accomplish this. Some have been mentioned here. But I still think, in the interest of VR suitability, there should be an easier way to eject.
  5. Yes, but the ejection handle is only pulled once ;) And this is my problem, since I would like to make an ejection handle for my simpit, as this will be much easier to use when flying VR.
  6. Thanks! Good workarounds... However, my wish still stands. ED? Any chance you could change the controller assignment for the EJECT command, so that it is possible to eject with a single press of a button?
  7. I don't think it's possible either, hence my wish to the devs... :)
  8. I tried that... I had to press the button 3 times to eject.
  9. How? If I assign it to a button on the joystick, that button has to be pressed 3 times as well... I'd like to assign a button that only need 1 press, to eject.
  10. I have searched the forums without finding the answer, so I'll put it up as a whish instead... The EJECT command (Ctrl E) must be pressed 3 times in order to eject. I understand why, and it's a good idea because few things are as annoying as accidental ejections :) But, since I now fly in VR, seeing the keyboard is hard and I would like to make a DIY ejection handle. But if I want to assign the EJECT command to a button or switch, it has to be pressed 3 times as well. Would it be possible to change the "3 times to EJECT" to just 1 single keypress? Or maybe this is possible by editing a lua file..?
  11. DCS is so incredibly cool in VR! There are drawbacks like harder to see smaller details and see your keyboard and controllers. You need a HOTAS and you need to be proficient with your mouse in the virtual cockpit. And that's besides the fact that VR needs good FPS... But the experience is phenomenal! I really don't want to go back to 2D again. I actually sold my 34" 3440x1440 curved screen... Me too! :) Give me 'Advanced settings' and options for everything! ;) Or show me which file and setting to change... DCS is really scalable in that way. There are many settings available if you know your way around the files. Even with most options @low, to get good FPS, DCS still looks better than any other sim out there. Especially when viewed through a VR HMD. :)
  12. Banquo, That's something that could work. I totally get that ED has lot of stuff on their plate. And I don't know if there's a way of doing this either, or if it would save resources. That's for the coders to decide. I'm just a wishful simmer ;) I have a i7 4790 @4GHz, 16Gb RAM and a GTX 980 TI. It's no slouch. And mirrors weren't a problem until I got my Oculus Rift. Now I need every ounce of power I can get, so I turn the mirrors off. That's a way of solving the problem I guess. But I really like having the mirrors, even if they're not really that useful. It makes the cockpit look more "alive" and real.
  13. That's because you just look at the picture. If you read what I wrote, you would know what I'm getting at :) Mirrors are hogging lots of resources in DCS. Many users turn them off because of this. I'm wishing for simple mirrors that just show what you actually use the mirrors for; checking your own aircraft and viewing aircraft in close formation. You don't really use the mirrors for admiring the scenery, so this can be left out or simplified if it saves resources. The pic is blurry, yes, but it clearly show the wing of the F-5 and the wingman. That's what you need to see in the mirror. That's why I posted it.
  14. Pic of a mirror in a Patrouille Suisse F-5 :)
  15. I'm so sorry! I thought this was the wishlist forum... Silly me. :) No, Kuky, I'm not saying that. I'm not saying ditch the mirrors. I'm saying I want mirrors that are not so resource intensive. It's a fact that many users turn off the mirrors because of FPS drops. I'm just suggesting, or wishing, that it might be possible to make even simpler mirrors, as an option. Maybe just an option to have the mirrors lo-res, and the displays at a higher res? That's all. IRL mirrors are used to check your own aircraft, and keeping tabs on your wingman. They're useless for anything farther away. You will never spot a bogey in one of them, because you'd already be dead by the time he's that close. Since we can't change the angle of the mirrors in DCS, they're just eyecandy anyway. Don't get me wrong, they're nice to have, because they make the cockpit look more real. But, they have very little tactical use. I have flown aircraft with rearview mirror. They're quite small... :)
  16. Buzzles, You missed my point. To see details in a mirror, you need to be pretty close to the object in the mirror. Next time you're out driving, take a look at a house that's 500m behind you. You really only use the mirrors for objects that are in close proximity. This is why I think ED could "ease up" on the rendering of the mirrors. They are way too detailed, and this shows up as such a performance hit that lots of simmers prefer to turn them off...
  17. Here's a video of Aerofly FS2. I know, it's not nearly the same simulation category as DCS, although it's quite spectacular in VR. But, I like the way they render the mirrors and resembles what I'd like to have as 'simple' mirrors in DCS. @13 minutes shows what I mean.
  18. Yes, but the mirrors still reduce FPS a lot. What I'm hoping for are mirrors that only show what you need, so to speak. The mirrors we got today seems to reflect every little detail there is, and this is not necessary.
  19. The mirrors in DCS require a lot of rendering resources. There's a very noticable drop in framerates when they are used. Would it be possible to make simple mirrors, perhaps? IRL, mirrors are used to check your immediate surroundings when on ground, and when in formation. They are also used to check your own aircraft. So in DCS, there's really no need to be able to view the terrain in detail, or aircraft more than maybe 20m away. The view you see in the mirrors could be limited to either brown for terrain, and blue for sky, your own aircraft and aircraft close enough to be in your formation. This would even be more realistic, because you don't really see much more details through a real mirror, that small. Just have a look in your rear view mirror in your car...
  20. Yeah, but why would you want to use a fake depth of field effect in VR, where you have real 3D depth..? :)
  21. So, to sum this thread up, the lights in DCS should not be so bright when close, but should be visible farther from the light source. Examples: Aircraft landing lights should not light up the runway in daylight. But they should be visible to other aircraft at least 10NM out on a clear day, and even farther at night. Runway lights should be seen at quite a long distance, but should not be so bright when you are close to the runway. City lights should be seen at very long distances.
  22. Thanks for your input, CARTOK! I'm thinking along those lines myself. Full screen is a good idea! Will try that. Can't understand why clicking outside the window would kill the joysticks though... But I guess it's a DirectX issue.
  23. Ok... Happened again. This time in the F-5E free flight mission, as I turned on the external lights using the mouse. Attaching logs. Logs.zip
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