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  1. Fun making your own controllers, huh? ;)
  2. I’d do what Sokol1 recommends, or use an o-ring.
  3. Using Win7 you are below the recommended system for VR... Why not upgrade to Win10 and newer Oculus runtime?
  4. Well, I have the 3D files and the switches are regular cheap keyboard switches. The springs was scrounged. But this isn’t rocket science. Just experiment with the trigger, springs and at what distance you need to put the switches. I made a simple jig, like this: Oh! BTW, Fusion 360 works on Mac.
  5. It’s hard to check your setup when the wiring diagram ports doesn’t match the ports in MMJOY. Have you set columns and rows according to this? https://github.com/MMjoy/mmjoy_en/wiki/Controllers-(compatible-base-boards)
  6. Could you show how you set up the matrix? Did you swap colums and rows, perhaps?
  7. That’s going to be awesome!
  8. Ok. Well, it’s not the creepiest of bugs I’ve seen. But probably an easy fix for the code wizards. ;)
  9. Yeah, it retracts with the landing gear and deploys when the nosewheel strut compress on landing. Last time I checked in DCS it retracted when the nose gear strut extended. Is this still the case?
  10. There will be errors in that list, naturally. Just like in any other war. But that war has been scrutinized by external intelligence agencies as well. You can be sure that the US had a huge interest in collecting data about the performance of the Tomcat and its weapons. So, unless you claim to have a better reference... :)
  11. :thumbup: I’ve tried to make this point a couple of times now... Just look at the Phoenix kills during the Iran-Iraq war. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_Iranian_aerial_victories_during_the_Iran%E2%80%93Iraq_war
  12. But, the fact of the matter is that the Phoenix has killed a number of fighters... So, evidently it can be done.
  13. So, what’s the beef here? That the Phoenix is just for bombers? Iran got quite a few fighters with theirs, during the Iran-Iraq war. But it is a stand-off weapon, so I guess it usually hits unsuspecting targets...
  14. Oh man... Nostaliga overload! Thanks for that link! I had the VHS tape back in the 80’s. Watched it so many times...
  15. According to the SFI the SNURK will take any mode or sub-mode and bypass directly to the SA06 “on” requisite. There is no possibility for the SNURK to step between the modes. Another way of looking at it is you can’t have HÖJD or ATT without SPAK, and SNURK cancels SPAK...
  16. I went from the Rift CV1 to the Rift S and I think the upgrade was worthwhile. You get better resolution but also better FPS since the S is only 80Hz, so 10 FPS less needed and if I use pixel density of 1 with the S, the picture is a lot better than the CV1 on 1,5 (or above). You can also ditch the external sensors and get better handcontrollers. But, as always, there are even better headsets out there. So if the cost vs. benefit is good enough for you, only you can know...
  17. You don’t. Normal autopilot (Styrautomat SA06) mode is SPAK and the AJS 37 is normally flown in this mode. There’s really no reason to disengage SPAK mode unless there’s a failure in the SA06 system. So you normally switch SA06 modes by pressing the buttons under the glareshield. The SA06 can fail for any number of reasons as there’s a lot of servos and sensors involved. In most failure cases the SA06 will disengage automatically. The SNURK (Snabburkoppling or rapid disengage) button on the stick is for those cases when the auto disengage isn’t working, giving the pilot full authority.
  18. I’m interested to hear what you think of those... Nobody’s selling 28 hour days... I’ve checked. ;)
  19. That doesn’t explain why I don’t experience assymetric forces with the kosmo sim cams. Have a look at my review and at the pics of the cams a bit further down. Were there no ”two hole” cams with your MT-50 CM2? Cool! What do you fly? I got my aerobatic license, but I haven’t practised the art in almost 20 years. Just flying to eat (and buy expensive flightsim controllers :helpsmilie:) these days.
  20. The preinstalled cams are the Avia-sim soft center cams. Well, yes and no. The design of the gimbal creates assymetry but the cams are supposed to compensate for this, as well as regulating the spring force along the stick travel. This is why the cams are assymetrical. The Avia-sim cams seems to have an irregular compensation in one direction, but the kosmo cams does not.
  21. Arjan, have you tried the kosmo sim cams? I feel they are better suited for heavy spring loads.
  22. Really cool and all...but as others have stated, that contraption will provide erroneous sensory feedback, most of the time, when compared to a real aircraft.
  23. I noticed this too. What I think is happening is that the spring is compressed beyond the linear region of compression, when the spring is tightened close to max. Try to unscrew the spring tension a bit.
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