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  1. Hm... Yes, that might be it. The R7 2xRb24J was purely a defensive load and if you wanted to use the AJS for offensive AA, you only used the V7 and S7 pylons? Could be! Good find! :)
  2. More importantly, I believe, is that VTOL VR is easier to use with VR hand controllers. The buttons, switches and levers are designed for this purpose. Also the systems are simplified, even though I must say that they are quite advanced for a single developer product, like that. I think we must realize that we who want realistic aircraft systems are the few. We’re the niche. Most people want a game. They don’t want to actually learn a bunch of advanced systems. They just want to play. I think VR hand controllers work surprisingly well, in a sim-game like VTOL VR. But I prefer a HOTAS and a mouse for DCS. In fact, the PointCtrl finger ”wands” are perfect for this purpose. The problem with hand tracking in VR is that the physical space that is needed to interact with the virtual cockpit is often obstructed. A mouse, or PointCtrl, functions in 2D, but interacts with the 3D virtual cockpit like a wand or laser pointer, which means that you can interact with everything you need, without hitting your monitor, keyboard, HOTAS or wall...
  3. Yes, the R7 can only carry the 24J, according to the SFI. But why does the SFI say that the air to air load (jaktlast) is either four 24/24J or four 24J/74 at the S7 and V7 pylons or two 24J at the R7 pylons..? The SFI never mentions a six missile load...
  4. I see what you mean now. It still is a mystery to me, why the loadout schematic is like it is, and why they only mention 4 or two missile combinations, without mentioning a six missile config...
  5. SPAK, ATT and HÖJD modes are all cancelled by selecting the lower mode, according to the Pilots Operating Manual. But doing that in DCS also cancels the lower mode that you are selecting, and that can’t be right. Example. SPAK, ATT, HÖJD modes are engaged. I want to cancel HÖJD mode and selects ATT. This should just cancel HÖJD, but in DCS it also cancels ATT.
  6. Yeah, I thought so too... It just bugs me why they didn’t extend the R7 Rb24J all the way down for all load alternatives in the schematic? And why do they write the AA loadouts are * 4 Rb24/Rb24J * 4 Rb24J/Rb74 * 2 Rb24J Why not an alternative with * 6 Rb24J/Rb74..? It’s not a big issue. I doubt an AJS 37 would ever use a loadout like that ;) It just made me curious and I wanted to know if anybody had any evidence... That would not be possible as the R7 pylon wasn’t active on the AJ. It lacked wiring and connectors.
  7. I’m not sure if this is a bug, or if it has been reported before. I thought the AJS 37 could carry a combination of six Rb24/J/74, but when reading the SFI, I’m not so sure anymore. Looking at the loadout scheme, the R7 pylons can only carry the Rb24J. The regular Rb24 can only be carried on the S7 pylons and the Rb24J and Rb74 can be carried on the V7 and S7 pylons. Furthermore, it seems like the R7 pylons can’t be used if the V7 or S7 pylons are used for Rb24/J/74. Anybody got any contradicting information regarding this..?
  8. According to the SFI (POH), SA06 HÖJD mode is disengaged by selecting ATT and ATT is disengaged by selecting SPAK. Selecting SPAK also disengages both ATT and HÖJD, if active. SPAK is disengaged by the SNURK on the stick, or by pulling the circuit breaker. This also disengages ATT and HÖJD, since SPAK must be active for those two modes. In DCS Viggen, you can disengage HÖJD by selecting HÖJD and selecting ATT disengages both ATT and HÖJD. Has this been confirmed as a bug? SNURK seems to work as described, though.
  9. Hadn’t flown the Viggen in a while, but finally got around to it. Millan seems to retract and extend as it should now. Yay! :)
  10. I had a look in the pilots notes... In the section covering handling, the start-up sequence says the following, after the engine is running: “Check that the fuel pressure warning light does not come on then switch ON the main tanks booster pump (if fitted).“ What does that mean? Switch on the pump only if the warning light comes on, or do it anyway? The pre-takeoff checklist notes that the Main tanks booster pump should be on for takeoff. There is no note saying it should be shut off after take off. Nor is there any mention of the pump being used for climbing. So, I’m not sure the pump should be on after start-up, but it should be on for takeoff and not shut off again. There is, however, a note in the landing checklist that the booster pump should be on. Nothing that I can find about shutting it off...
  11. No, unfortunately not. But I have made other solutions for the CM2. Here’s one with a lever operated idle lock and ball plungers for tactile feedback for an afterburner detent. (The idle lock lever in this video was a bit small, so I re designed it. It’s larger in the parts files below) Here’s a solution with ball plungers for both idle and afterburner detents or a version with a space sim center detent. STL models are available here. https://www.dropbox.com/sh/pg2z496758mepcm/AACaHoSVSUUEI5EBgpzhwyzpa?dl=0 https://www.dropbox.com/sh/3olr4ljao2q0p75/AABhkKE_43lsDHMbvhDzGV-3a?dl=0 I have plungers and screws and I can print the parts and send them to you.
  12. And maybe not use the same USB cable with different controllers ;)
  13. Pandemics rarely do... ;) That looks great! Interesting to see how you mount them on alu frame extrusions. I built my entire cockpit with those... What dimension are the alu frames in that mount?
  14. Any news to share, hegykc?
  15. My ejection handle use a teensy2 microcontroller with MMJoy2 firmware which makes a USB gamecontroller in windows. I then have a regular door alarm magnetic switch that closes when the magnet is removed. MMJoy2 software allows the teensy2 to output repeated button presses when the switch is closed. Works really great! The one in this video uses a regular microswitch that closes when the handle is pulled.
  16. Absolutely magnificent! I have actually tried the real Rb05 simulator, back in 1993 :) Please make an iOS version!!
  17. Thanks for the tip! Never heard of that one, but I lived in Gävle when I read Op. Garbo when I read about the Russians rolling past Hemlingby, where I lived. I felt like looking out the window to make sure it wasn’t for real... ;) Very good books! Back then I was a high school student and couldn’t afford to buy the books. Found them at an old bookstore a few years ago, so I have them in my bookshelf.
  18. I’ve used MMJoy2 firmware and software, with a teensy2 board, for several controller applications. Works great. MMJoy2 is written by the same guy that does the software for Virpil. https://github.com/MMjoy/mmjoy_en/wiki
  19. Yeah... Trying to help here. The reason I asked was that if the springs aren’t tightened, the stick will lean out of center. Try the Kosmo sim cams. The Avia sim cams seem to produce an uneven force distribution.
  20. What happens if you tighten the springs a little?
  21. Thanks! I do have some plans. I’ve said I will tidy them up and post them, but I haven’t had time. Here’s the build thread.
  22. I made something similar... :)
  23. The P-51 is famous for its whistling sound from the gunports... Could this be what’s simulated?
  24. Smallest F-16 style cockpit I know... But perhaps too small? ;) https://www.xflight.de/pe_sim_sml.htm
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