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  1. Update. I changed the setup on my VPC Throttle. Earlier I had two buttons set up. One when the throttle reached 0% and another button when leaving 0%. I thought I could set this up as one button for shut off and the other as start, but I couldn’t get it to work. Now the throttle generates a button press (on-off) when reaching 0% and that’s all I need now when I mapped that button to HOTAS cut off.
  2. Thanks, @illern! I have tried binding the controls to buttons, to test the function. But what I really want is to do what you have done and use the throttle lever. I have a VPC CM3 Throttle, and while I have been able to set it up with buttons for moving the throttle axis to zero, I can’t get it to function as I want it to. I am able to control the same function in the Hornet, but not the Viggen. I will test some more, based on your findings.
  3. Made some other modifications. I have swapped the plastic rod end bearings with metal ones. They are now held in place by M5 screws and brass bushings. The screw and nut squeeze the bushings towards the ball in the rod end, keeping it snug. I also swapped the ball joint on the toe brake mod I did earlier. It had a small gap that caused a clicking noise when applying brakes. These rod ends are tighter and the entire rudder pedal and toe brake assembly is now completely free from any play in the mechanism.
  4. I think I have tested all combinations of those commands and I just can’t get it to work...
  5. Then it is as @hazzer wrote, you don’t have the same problem I had.
  6. Thanks, @Flappie As long as HB is aware, they can fix it
  7. Well, @Golden.Crown wrote: I just tried to help...
  8. Well, then... Just start SSA, click continue when you get the error message. Then right click on the SSA icon and chose settings. Change the SimShaker sound module version from beta to release, and see if that will help you too.
  9. I’m trying to get two buttons on my throttle to control the High Pressure Fuel Valve. I want to use one button to move the throttle from Off to Idle/start and another button to move the throttle to shut off. but I just can’t figure out which controls to bind?
  10. This is still an issue. I just noticed that pressing HÖJD (when activated) also cancels ATT. I don’t know if it has been logged as a bug or not.
  11. No! That was the problem. Didn’t know I had to. Now it works though! Thanks for the help.
  12. Ok. The installation wouldn’t finish and it took me a while to find that information message hiding under the installation progress window. Once I saw that info message and clicked OK, the installation finished. Since I also have some sort of problem with the SSA, and that problem seems to have started after I installed the latest Sound Module, I thought maybe this was an error.
  13. I’m experiencing problems when updating to 2.26. There is an error message when I install it. The Sim Shaker sound module seems to be working. I can run the test and get my bass shakers to vibrate. But I also seem to have a problem with SSA so I have posted in that thread about that problem too.
  14. I am getting this problem when I start Simshaker for Aviators. The Sound module was recently updated to the latest version. Sim Shaker Wings is working just fine. It is just the SSA that give me this message when I start it manually or when it tries to start with DCS. Everything has been working just fine for many months, and now this just occured...
  15. And while that would be easy for you or me, it’s not easy for everyone...
  16. PnP options or DIY? Yes, but not with that cable
  17. I doubt it. The TQS can’t be connected to the computer directly. It must be connected to the Cougar stick. The only adapter that can connect the TQS to the computer, without the stick, is the TUSBA. https://realsimulator.com/tusba/ It’s not a regular Game port to USB converter.
  18. A common problem with many flightsim rudder pedals is that they have rather weak centering forces compared to the users strong and heavy legs. The TPRs are no exception even if the pendulum design actually makes the heavy legs part of the centering force. I added a damper to the rudder and used both springs and this really improved the feel of the rudder function. The toebrakes, however, were still too light for my taste and needed a beefier return force. The TPR pedals have these nifty hall sensor units with return springs. I opened them up and replaced the springs with heavier gauge. I was concerned that the original mounts where the sensor assembly connects to the footrest, wouldn’t cope with the added force. The metal is rather brittle and only secured by two 3mm screws and the ball joint is plastic. I made new brackets from extruded aluminum and secured these to all the seven holes in the footrest. I also replaced the plastic ball joint with a steel unit. Now the toebrakes have a heavier return force and a much heavier feel to them. I still would like a damper of sorts, to the toebrakes, but I’m not sure how... Need to think about that.
  19. Strange... I can’t replicate the issue. My L-39C flaps work as advertised.
  20. @IronMike Has this been considered as a bug?
  21. Oooooh! Nice! Gimbal or switches? I made mine with a gimbal, but I think I could’ve used switches instead, to make it smaller and easier to fit.
  22. AFAIK the control panels are used as a regular USB controller that you can map in any modern sim.
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