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  1. Ramsay's post in Vaziani 31 ILS localizer incorrect was marked as the answer   
    2kts isn't enough to keep ATC's active runway and ILS directions in sync (2.5.x bug).
    In your mission ATC's active runway is 31 but the ILS direction is set for 13.
    You can either ignore ATC's directions and land on 13 using ILS or increase wind speed to 6 kts toward 125°T so both ATC and ILS will use 31.
    Tested in using an A-10C
  2. Ramsay's post in Elevator trim mappings?? was marked as the answer   
    You'll want to enter "Options>Controls>Yak-52 Sim" and swap DCS's force axis outputs to match the MSFFB2.

    It doesn't matter if you adjust the pitch trim with mouse, keyboard or an external trim wheel - when using "Options>Misc>Force Feedback", a FFB joystick will (try to) move to match the in game stick.
    Unfortunately MSFFB2's force axis assignments don't follow Microsoft's own DirectInput FFB API, a force output on the y-axis (pitch)- actually changes the sticks physical x-position (roll).
    By default, DCS follows the DirectInput FFB API as set by Microsoft and used by third parties such as Logitech, etc., the "FFB Tune>Swap axis" check box, swaps the x and y FORCE OUTPUT to be compatible with the MS FFB2 and/or other "non-standard" FFB implementations.
  3. Ramsay's post in NS 430 for the HIND? And is the NS430 dead? was marked as the answer   
    The NS430 2D "popup" works with the Hind already.
    Press LShift+LAlt+B and test.

    Eventually the Mi-24P will likely be added to "Options>Special>NS430" and you'll be able to disable the NS430 but until then, by default "LShift+LAlt+B" will always be available to call up the 2D NS430 if both  modules have been installed.
    Support is not discontinued but the NS430 seems to have a low priority and very little (if any) resources devoted to it.
    Realistically the best you can hope for is an updated entry.lua, etc. to add the Mi-24P to "Options>Special>NS430" so the NS430 can be disabled if desired.
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