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  1. IRL it takes 2 differently scaled paper maps, cut into 220×168mm sheets so they cover the required zone. There's a moving "+" fitted to a transparent tape that's driven by the doppler radar system. You set the scale appropriately, position the "+" at your current location on the map, the doppler system then moves the "+" as the aircraft flies. If the doppler system drifts to much, you'll adjust the "+" to be closer to your current location i.e. using visual landmarks. DCS is modelling most of the system. As it's a paper map IRL - DCS also shows the waypoints/route drawn
  2. As titled, the Russian UN skin is currently only available to Russia DCS World\Bazar\Liveries\mi-8mt\Russia_UN\desciption.lua name = "RF UN" name_ru = "ООН (Россия)" countries = {"RUS"} Now that United Nations Peacekeepers faction has been added to DCS, it would make sense to add them to it's list of countries, example below: name = "RF UN" name_ru = "ООН (Россия)" countries = {"RUS","UN"} Tested DCS Associated thread https://forums.eagle.ru/topic/273818-mi-8-un-skin-not-available-if-country-is-un-peacekeeper/
  3. You are doing nothing wrong, the skin's description.lua makes the UN skin available only to Russia. name = "RF UN" name_ru = "ООН (Россия)" countries = {"RUS"} You can copy the skin folder "DCS World\Bazar\Liveries\mi-8mt\Russia_UN" to "Saved Games\DCS\_Mods\Skins Mi-8\Liveries\mi-8mt\UN" and edit it's description.lua so the skin uses the United Nations country code "UN" i.e. name = "UN skin" name_ru = "ООН (Россия)" countries = {"UN"} or be a default skin* available to all name = "UN skin" nam
  4. The "♦" IFF replies are displayed for 1 full scan i.e. a 4 bar scan might display x4 "♦" replies from a single friendly contact (as it's been swept/interrogated x4 - so replied x4) before the VTB's IFF replies age out (drop). Switching to a 2 bar scan and scanning the same friendly, we get x2 "♦" replies. A 1 bar scan would display x1 "♦" IFF for each replying aircraft before the "♦" IFF start aging. I don't recall the dev's being asked about a display limit, think we were all too busy guessing at what we were looking at. *** It's im
  5. CAS (calibrated air speed) is a better representation of dynamic pressure acting on a plane i.e. a plane flying at 300 CAS, flies pretty much the same at sea level or at 30,000 ft i.e. same roll rate, stall speed, etc. IAS (indicated air speed) is similar to CAS but hasn't been corrected for instrument error due slip stream effects, pressure effects, etc. In older/simpler aircraft there'll be correction charts/tables to help the pilot calculate CAS from ISA. TAS (true air speed) is the speed through the air (i.e. past each air molecule) but doesn't take it's density int
  6. Looks correct (assuming DCS's default 20°C (ISA +5°C) and standard air pressure 1013 mBar). 303 CAS at 29290ft +5C ISA temp equals 470 TAS, 0.79 Mach https://aerotoolbox.com/airspeed-conversions/
  7. The Mirage's A2A radar is being rebuilt from scratch to be more representative of the real. This was a WIP "teaser" of the new IFF behaviour that's coming, perhaps it's usability will improve as features are added, however it's equally possible it's a limitation of it's 80's tech*. * Note the IFF is less ambiguous with a radar contact V, as although the IFF "♦" jitters about, the multiple "V"'s jitter much less as they are being scanned by a tighter 3° beam. longer version @2:54 /8MB https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/544216334045544448/846695516159082526/
  8. The IFF antennas are mounted on the main radar "dish" but cover a 10° cone, while the main beam covers only 3°. When a IFF interrogation is made, the reply may come when the main beam is to the left or right of the target or even scanning a different "bar" i.e. the main beam may be scanning above/below the contact and it's not even displayed on the VTB (only it's IFF reply). For example - at 0:32 it looks like two friendlies replied from ~43 NM distant (two replies per sweep?) but have not been detected by the radar (perhaps they were cold (the radar has much less range
  9. AFAIK - immediately reduce collective • landing if close to the ground and it's safe to do so or • increase forward speed (re-enter translational lift) • re-assess power available/wind direction • divert (or re-attempt landing if safe to do so) The problem with LTE is that, near the ground, the instinctive reaction is to increase collective, which further reduces the tail rotor's effectiveness. Note: Although the DCS Mi-8 models torque and weather cocking, it does not model LTE due main rotor vortices or ta
  10. Yes, they had a choice, release an incomplete EA module that didn't meet their goals or wait until it was a something they could be proud of. IMHO they may have lost money/timeliness in their delay but as a "company" they went up in respect.
  11. No one has paid for the Kiowa, PC are not obligated to give a monthly progress report beyond "work is in progress and we hope to deliver before the end of the year". The team is small, it's likely impossible to give details on delays without revealing personal details or throwing a team member or business partner "under the bus" for a failing i.e. developing new code/systems is hard, SME feedback is iterative, ED update, exam deadlines, new job, full time work commitments, personal crisis/emergency/change of circumstance, etc., etc. If I was PC, I'd likely apologise for
  12. No PC do not. Your quoted post is from 26th Jan 2021 (nice snip making it look like it's from yesterday i.e. topical) The Gazelle video in question was misleading, it (deliberately ?) cut away from the cockpit just before it's cockpit warnings triggered and the engine cut out. In the video "flashgod" rolled inverted (engine cutout), auto-rotated while inverted and rolled right way up for a auto-rotative landing. It's a hard manoeuvre and even in DCS it's easy to overspeed/break the rotor. It took several attempts before other players could reproduced it. Inverte
  13. If you like the idea of a Mi-8 "upgraded" with better weapons systems, ATGM's and R-60's it's a no brainer. Start up and navigation is built round the Hind's pilot, so ergonomically the cockpit should be better than the Hip which is design for a crew of 3. Not sure how restrictive the cockpit view will be or how easy it'll be to "throw around", I'm guessing it'll still have a lot of similarities to the Hip but with a different focus.
  14. AFAIK Razbam's PCA/AG/AG radar update has been sent to ED, however it either missed the last patch (for reasons) or ED are focused on fixing core bugs in 2.7.x (so aren't pushing out 3rd party updates).
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