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  1. IRL the AV-8B's AWLS and Hornet's ICLS are the same thing. When the LHD-1 Wasp's AWLS was certified in 1999, it was certified using F/A-18A's and simulated landing approaches. SME's say AWLS was rarely used and TACAN was the preferred/only Case 3 method. It's not clear if the Tarawa was fitted with the equipment/radar/aerials necessary for AWLS. Edit - to answer your question TL;DR: Gameplay. Detail: When the AV-8B was released, ICLS wasn't modelled in DCS, I'd *guess* that, as AWLS wasn't used much IR
  2. Just guessing - The hull is quite strong and compartmentalised, while the superstructure is relatively soft and squishy and is where the weapons and radar/radio masts are. The Pre-service 1974 AGM-84A SAC shows it sea skimming at 50-200 ft for most of it's cruise with a pop up / top down attack near the target. From a surface/air launch, it pulls out of it's initial dive 3-6 NMI after launch and cruises at 50-200 ft ASL for a max range of 61 - 66 NMI i.e. it had similar attack profile to the DCS RB-15F and C-802AK. With 2x C-802AK fired as a p
  3. The Harpoon is probably the weakest of DCS's anti-ship missiles v.s. the CIWS/anti-missile defences of the Neustrashimyy - if you have the time/modules, I suggest doing side by side tests with the RB-15F (Viggen) and/or C-802AK (JF-17) firing in salvos of 2-4 at a time. You may also want to check how the different Harpoon flight profiles BO and RBL low (5,000), medium (15,000) and high (35,000) altitude cruise perform, as the higher altitude profiles have failed to hit unarmed cargo ships in the past. As it's a modern aircraft, the JF-17 is my preferred launch platform,
  4. Your picture look's similar to Asus's "Sonic Radar" overlay (a 2D representation of 3D sounds to give an "edge" in FPS shooters). This picture of the Dolby Atmos overlay is very similar - perhaps that's it ? https://www.reddit.com/r/csgo/comments/crm1hi/weird_sound_radar_thing_again/
  5. • DCS 2.5.5 was the DCS version, at this time last year. • DCS 2.5.6 is the current DCS version. There will be an update to Open Beta 2.5.6.xxx next week that will add SEA mode, etc. to the Hornet radar amongst other updates/fixes, once tested, it or a subsequent update/fix will move to the "stable" branch at some point. • DCS 2.7.x is a planned future update, set to release in a few months time (ED have decided to skip releasing DCS 2.6.x and move straight to 2.7.x).
  6. I haven't seen that and testing in a quick SA-342M MP flight (4 HOT3, 65% Fuel, Cruise 70% TQ) on the "4YA_Syria_Capture_Bases_BLUE_v28A" PvE training server - I flew for 45 minutes without issue. I'm not sure how familiar you are with the Gazelle - 4 HOT3 and 100% fuel will put you over weight and the high torque load will quickly destroy the engine/clutch/gearbox. The same is true for the centrifugal clutch if you don't allow enough time for the Rotor and Engine needles to slowly sync when engaging the fuel flow lever i.e. the needles must have sync'ed between 27-34,000 RPM,
  7. I don't see anything obviously wrong with the screenshots from the aerobatic server, it has no blue player slots by design and there are red F-15C slots at Anapa, Senaki and Kutaisi (it even has slots for the Hercules, so likely expects that mod to be installed). You *should* be able to click on the player slot of an aircraft you own, and then click "Breifing" to load the mission/enter the server. If you chose an aircraft you don't own, the mission should still load but instead of "loading" into the cockpit, you'll load into a 3rd person view.
  8. Last time I entered VRS in the DCS Huey I had a descent rate of approx. ~850 fpm in a stop turn while using an aggressive amount of collective, easing off on the collective and bank allowed me to recover safely. Requirements for VRS are • speed below ETL • descent rate more than 300 fpm (R22, exact value depends on rotor diameter, aircraft weight and air density) • 20-100% power/torque applied Note: The lighter the helicopter and larger the rotor, the easier it is to enter VRS. IIRC the consensus on a helicopter forum was that realistic
  9. The Yak's ADF audio was working last time I tested (there's a Compass/Morse toggle switch on the ADF panel that needs to be set to Morse to hear the ID code).
  10. The hot spot tracker has a short < 3nm range, so is hardly equivalent of "labels", it'd be closer to the Su-27's IRST (but with much shorter range) which has been part of DCS for a long time.
  11. It's a pretty map • large detailed cities/air bases • sloped runways with FSX like PAPI lighting but has WIP issues with • optimisation i.e. high textures = +24GB memory use (ATM most systems require a 16-32GB page file to avoid CTD's due to memory issues) • navigation/ILS beacons with wrong frequencies i.e. some NDB kHz set as MHz • object draw distances i.e. visible tree line pop-in I don't regret buying it but also can't 100% recommend it as it took ~2 years for Normandy to reach a "finished" state.
  12. I don't know about the F/A-18C or Harrier* but applying the parking brake while awaiting takeoff clearance is standard procedure for the Mirage i.e. there have been 2 Mirage accident reports (2008 and 2013) were the pilot "forgot" to release the brake. https://www.defense.gouv.fr/content/download/395731/5929409/Télécharger le rapport public BEAD-air-A-2013-014-I.pdf The Harrier's parking brake throttle stop prevents such an accident. *The 2012 AV-8B VMAT-203 Flight Syllabus Guide, says a common taxiing error is • Forgetting to set the parking brake and
  13. Requires a ground mapping radar i.e. RDM, rather than the M-2000C's RDI radar. https://theaviationist.com/2019/12/09/photos-allegedly-show-greek-mirage-2000-targeting-a-turkish-frigate-with-exocet-missile-during-a-show-of-force/
  14. Unfortunately your .trk file is missing the important "track" and "track_data" folders it needs to play back. Rather it opens like a mission file and I can't see which slot you used or cockpit interactions.
  15. I haven't tested the Harpoon lately (waiting for the radar SEA mode) - as I find them frustrating/pointless ATM. Can you share a track.
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