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  1. The update is ready! And my heart is beating normally.
  2. It start download the new updater, but nothing more. autoupdate_log.txt
  3. Interesting, when we see new and good maps.
  4. When you placing the cursor in the grid-squares, sometimes the way point you choose come up when you press-depress the TDC, but sometimes nothing happens at all, and you try and try without any result att all But you can move the squares easily to west, east, north, and south, without any problem.
  5. I mean, that is integrated, and can be slaved to the GRID-position.
  6. Is the coming GRID-system connected with FLIR?
  7. You don't se his instructions or arms at night, unless you turn on the landing lights.
  8. Can I uninstall the stable version when I use the beta instead, without anything strange happens? I want to do this to get more space on the HDD.
  9. In the beginning, i.e. in the Lock-on time, there was GAI for AI flights. You placed a radar in one place, and the plane waited for an enemy to border the detection area of the radar, then lifted and checked who bordered the area. Why is this not an option for AI anymore?
  10. Does the upgrade overwriting the existing mapping of the old version joystick commands?
  11. The Ka-50 need the Samsheet-50 systems to be effective and challenge. https://www.redstar.gr/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=2414&catid=423&Itemid=528&lang=en
  12. Think the map was ready. Sorry for that mistake, I have not pre-order before. :pilotfly:
  13. I don't see it in the module manager I just buy it, and I don't see it in the module manager.
  14. I hope my computer can handle it, and also my HDD, certainly requires a lot of GB.
  15. How big is the map, i.e. the size in GB?
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