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  1. Is it possible to use Air.Boss script from Moose with this campaign? I know we can edit mission on mission editor prior to flight but this script requires to manually open the mission file and put in there an entire folder with sounds. Is this possible? Thanks.
  2. Done!! Downloaded Bios from master branch and is finally working. I can't thank you enough BlackLibrary for your help.
  3. I just did a DCS repair and installed bios from this link and problem remains. https://github.com/dcs-bios/dcs-bios/releases/ Inside DCS panels I can access to DCS bios comands to change my profile and when I use switches or gear handle it shows moving on DCS panels but it just doesn't comunicate with DCS. I don't know if this helps but here are last lines from DCSFlightpanels_error_log.txt. "20.07.2020 12:13:43 version : 9216 Custom message = [DCSBIOS.SendDataFunction()] System.ObjectDisposedException Cannot access a disposed object. Object name: 'System.Net.Socket
  4. Thanks alot for your help, BlackLibrary. But what do you mean by master branch? Are you talking about bios? Isn't the one from the link I posted the correct one?
  5. I use bios from link posted on first post. https://github.com/DCSFlightpanels/dcs-bios/tree/master/Scripts/DCS-BIOS Until last dcs patch I didn't have any problem with DCS panels and I didn't do anything to my DCS other than patch itself. I didn't add any other mod or change any file. I thought that DCS Bios was broken by patch itself but it seems I'm the only one having this problem.
  6. Thanks Aviramad, but unfortunatly that didn't work. I can get DCS panels to work but just as key emulator. Any of my Bios profiles failed to work after this week update. Already redownloaded lates BIOS.lua but nothing. All of my profiles worked without any problems until now.
  7. Since this week update I an error message. It continues to work with sounds and everything but I have one or two error messages to go through. Unfortunatly I forget to screenshot the message but I'll do it tomorrow.
  8. I have this problem aswell. Just hope it gets sorted soon.
  9. Since last update, my Switch Panel (PZ55) profile doesn't work anymore with F-18C. I already downloaded last F-18c lua file but it still doesn't do anything in game. Anyone with this problem?
  10. I'm using simshaker with sound module and my Mig21 also lost engine rumble. Afterburner effect is working although with low volume. Already crank it up to 100% and its still to low. G Feeling effect also has a problem. Its to intrusive. It kickes even on level flight with zero Gs. This effect should apear only above high where airframes start to shake.
  11. Has nothing to do with NTTR. Its something new from today's patch.
  12. I was about to post a picture with that same problem. Obviously I also have this problem. Already tried increase textures from medium to high and the problem presists.
  13. Not true. With a sound transducer, a second sound card and software "Simshaker for aviators" I can feel wing buffet in my butt like real pilots and also cannons, motor rumble, afterburner engaging, ground bumps, flaps and other control surface actuating as many other effects. All these effects are controlled by DCS realtime fisics and can be individual configurated. Total kit costs is around 100 euros.
  14. Thanks. I have to try it. If they consider static airplanes as "fortification" like any other static object, then I still have a problem because I have a high dense populated airbase with alot of static objects and I want them to focus only on parked planes but If they treat static planes as regular air targets then I can work with that. I just have to uncheck all other options from list. I'll try tonight and report back so that others can learn. Thanks anyway for your help.
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