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  1. Pushed a minor update. Added some clarity to that note in the config with your suggestion. Also fixed the issue with slmod having an error on first load when it created the config file.
  2. Grimes

    Co-Op mode?

    The difference between a single player and MP/co-op mission is the addition of "client" skilled aircraft. Its always been relatively easy to go into the editor modify a mission to add those client slots to existing missions. However you still have the limitations of MP where logbook stats aren't tracked, you can play individual missions from a campaign but its done outside of the campaign UI and you don't get "credit" for it, and certain triggers will only work on the host and not any of the clients. There is also the fact that triggers for single player missions are typically made to check on
  3. --[[ ------------------ -- Note due to a formatting issue I don't want to deal with, for the example directly below replace each { with [ and } with ] ----------------- admin_tools_mission_folder = {{C:\Users\John\Dropbox\Dedicated Servers\Slmod\Missions\}} LEAVE THIS VARIABLE AS nil IF YOU WANT TO USE THE DEFAULT FOLDER!]] admin_tools_mission_folder = nil I know, there is a note there directly above it. Initially did it that way as a workaround to when I updated how slmod loads the config file. Basically a multiline string in lua is contained within double brac
  4. It would take substantial changes to all of the message to support multiple languages. Most of the messages are not written as a single block of text but assembled based on different conditions. By no means impossible just a bit of work and also need to think of a way to do it that makes adding other languages easy to add. For example this is how part of message of the day is written: titleTbl[#titleTbl + 1] = '\nThis server is running Slmod version ' titleTbl[#titleTbl + 1] = slmod.mainVersion titleTbl[#titleTbl + 1] = ', build ' titleTbl[#titleTbl + 1] = slmod.buildVersion titleTbl[#tit
  5. Delete DCS World\Scripts\MissionScripting.lua and run repair again.
  6. That is the miz format pre DCS 1.5. The new format is similar, the only difference is there is a l10n folder with two sub folders that contain embedded files and a lookup dictionary for localization. The way of running the script is the same, just gotta make sure the trigger condition executes in order for the script to run. I usually use Once> Time Less 10> Do Script File or Mission Start> Time Less 10> Do Script File.
  7. There are a few complications regarding pilot_dead, eject, and pilot_landed events that make completely accurate stats difficult. 1. Pilot landed event is missing some data with the scripting engine depending on when it occurs. Its actually kind of annoying since the entry exists in the event table but an error occurs if you try to use it. 2. Pilot dead event is called instead if the pilot lands in the water. This event also is missing which pilot it is if the aircraft they ejected from is destroyed before the pilot dead event is called, which is likely to happen. 3. T
  8. BTW there appears to be issues with the JSON export. The way it was written originally always did the JSON conversion, the setting just dictated whether or not to save it. Coupled with an error occurring if data was formatted in a certain way it would prevent slmod from fully loading. The hotfix changed when it does the JSON export so the error will only occur if json export is enabled. So please disable it for the time being. It is more of a DCS bug, but aspects of it are created via slmod for how it saves penalties on multicrew aircraft.
  9. Yes, but its a round about way of doing it. The unban admin command is used for the manual bans. The auto-bans are handled, well, automatically, and based on how you have it setup they will eventually be re-allowed in. Since I don't have a reallow exemption feature in slmod at the moment you will have to forgive specific offenses. Either editing the file or forgiving via command works. However editing the lua file won't immediately "take" and I wouldn't be shocked if it gets annoyed when you save it if the server is running and has that file open. To edit you have to add a ['forgi
  10. Build 143 pushed to develop branch. Added: option for json stats export - It is a simple boolean setting in the config that when enabled will save a copy in json format of the main, penalty, campaign, and mission stats whenever one of this is opened. Added: Stats writing buffer. This will reduce the amount of writes to the stats file, but will have a slight delay from when the event occurred to when it is written. Fixed: Dakka in Huey and Mi-8 naming for multicrew seats Fixed: Multicrew defs and auto generation of multicrew seats for unit types not pre-defined in slmod. Fixed:
  11. A score of exactly 50 means you stay on the same stage. Anything below 50 it moves backward a stage and above 50 forward a stage. The score is determined by "Mission Goals" which you have not setup in your missions. Thus no matter what happens the score is always 0 when you end it. Mission goals are accessible via the icon directly below triggers. It looks like a square with lines forming a target of sorts. Mission goals behave much like triggers but are evaluated constantly. 2. It needs to have a mission within the range of 0-100. It can't have an empty spot because this score is
  12. There are several different fuses on the updated 3d model thats been in the game for a good year or two now. I'm not really sure why it was added but not implemented yet other than they actually want the fuse to be functional. As far as I know you might be able to get it to be changed via code in the livery file, but I seem to recall something about the model of the the bomb reverting to its default state the moment it is dropped.
  13. If done as a mod that goes into saved games I believe it works. However if it just goes into a campaigns folder in saved games I'm not sure it does work. Of course you can always distribute the files with the campaign and tell the user to place the textures in their saved games/Liveries folder. The livery just needs to exist, it doesn't need to be in the campaigns file location in order to work.
  14. Trees are not accessible to the scripting engine unfortunately. Its one of those highly desirable features requests.
  15. This is the script used in the attached mission. local foundUnits = {} local deleteThis = {['GREENHOUSE1'] = true, ['GREENHOUSE2'] = true,} local sphere = trigger.misc.getZone('zone') local volS = { id = world.VolumeType.SPHERE, params = { point = sphere.point, radius = sphere.radius } } local ifFound = function(foundItem, val) local tName = foundItem:getTypeName() if deleteThis[tName] then if not foundUnits[tName] then foundUnits[tName] = 0 end foundUnits[tName] = foundUnits[tName] + 1 foundItem:destroy()
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