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  1. I finally can use this comic
  2. I knew it just was not me,, it is terrible.. it is like looking at a Tandy Montior from 1986!
  3. oh yeah,, forgot that they treat each aircraft seperately, instead of the straight DCS version.
  4. when you open DCS, on the top of the DCS screen there is a Box on the top left, open it and check off the aircraft you own and it download and install them.
  5. actually, the rotor slap of a Blackhawk helo is probably the best example of very loud slap that covers great distances.
  6. I have big problems to with the sams, and the radar not working properly any longer, I thought it was me, then I checked the forums and other people have problems too. 1 step forward 5 steps back....
  7. I have several different ssd units in a couple computers. One of my ssd is from SP, Silicon Power, and it died, still under 3 year warranty. I have gone to Hynix and Samsung. Tired of the cheap ssd units, they just do not last. To anyone that starts buying and installing SSD, go with the best you can get, as when they quit working, the trouble isn't worth trying to save money. I looked online to see if other people have issues with some of the ssd brands, and they al seem to point out that the cheap ones are breaking in a short amount of time. I had two brands fail. Pioneer (they fixed their p
  8. wow, just wow,, I have a lot of friends who went to vr flying, and if I do, I want a record to look up to remind me to stay away from this nightmare connected to Facebook... looks like I will never combine FB with video... now if I forget, this will remind me to not get screwed. Staying away from politics... but,,, watch what you support. I am sorry for those that got the royal screw, to me sounds like some very bad companies selling vr's.
  9. Ok, so I have one set of speaker sin my 46" tv, using hdmi, and use that for Teamspeak, and I have a 5.1 speaker set I use for the simulator sounds. Two different sound setups, so I have independent control of sounds, between the chatter with TeamSpeak, and the other for the aircraft and bombs. I thought about getting a sound bar, Bluetooth, sound controls with more modern sound equipment. I do not want my house pulsing, or my eyes bleeding, I just want controls and decent sounds, I am older and don't want crazy sounds. I don't want headsets, headphones, etc, I can't take the noise in my old w
  10. Nevermind,, it removed my login info, I put it back in, and now connected after a 4 hour update.... seems to be all good for now, but only flew by myself... sorry.... just frustrated after the long wait... todays update 12-17-20 OB version, kudos for getting so many thing fixed and updated! I appreciate it, and I can speak for other sin my squad, they are also pleased...
  11. Ali Dee And The Deekompressors – Go Speed Racer Go Lyrics | Genius Lyrics Here he comes Here comes Speed Racer He's a demon on wheels He's a demon And he's gonna be chasin' After someone Yeah, whoo Feel so good Behind this wheel Get my stomach turning Speed Racer Hit The Gas Smell the rubber Burnin VROOOM Gotta get with him He's the top prize How can I not love him When he's better Than the bad guys? I got ta zoom Lady, so gimme room Baby you hear the boom There's no need to wonder whom Will it be When I be Zippin' and Dippin' I got you Tri
  12. when I was in the USAFE and worked with the Harriers, and they TDY with them to Europe, they would have no issues landing taking lots of fuel and taking off. They had power to spare with weapons and could play and have fun while doing so without a worry. It seems that the harriers we have struggle with weapons or hardly a load. Now, I am definitely no expert, plus these are not the same model, but I worked with and witnessed many times them flying in a and out and I serviced them often, this was just a few months before Falklands. I have a suspicion that we are not getting the full power the r
  13. tried updating my signature, it complained too many lines, then it didn't like the photo size, than too many lines, I finally had to wipe my signature all clean to be able to save it, and start over. it is very flaky This is the user signature option for the 5 lines.
  14. Now I can say the forum graphics look nice now, for a while I was wondering what happened.... I don't know about performance yet.... too new Kudos to the powers that be... also, I have not looked at the forum options, in the last couple of days for the user... so as time goes on we shall see ..
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