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  1. Hey all, Thinking about getting back into this sim (DCS World) after being away for several years, having played the original Lock On. I see the HUD display on the A10, F15, etc., is still as hard to read as ever, no matter what color you use. Has anyone made a HUD mod with drop shadowed lettering? It would only take a 1 pixel wide shadow to make the HUD display pop and easier to distinguish/read. The shadow could even be a darker shade of the basic HUD color. I see that there's an option to make the HUD display slightly larger and that there is an HD HUD display mod, or there used
  2. From watching the video, the instructor makes it sound like there are going to be other/a series of instructional videos, as he alludes to something along the lines of which he's talking and then says he'll cover that at another time. "Are there" other videos from this series?
  3. I had been wondering about this too. I tried setting the restriction to false but it has the effect of letting the camera go below ground. Then you either get the plane on a black screen or it turns to a water scene. I'd like to be able to set the camera so it will go as low as ground level but not below. Any way to do that?
  4. Thanks guys, hadn't thought of trying to set up a macro or command sequence with my CH hotas.
  5. Hey all, After getting the game loaded, my routine, before ever starting to play is to center my TIR4(F12), S to unpause, YY to get rid of the bottom screen bar, zooming the flyby view, shft J for jiggle of that view, zooming out exterior cockpit view(because zooming flyby view makes exterior too big), shft J for that view and lastly, I change the hud color(ctrl H). I'd like to know if I can set these parameters as default in a config file somewhere. I know where/how to do the hud color. Wondering about the rest. Thanks for any help in making my routine shorter.
  6. Thanks for asking this. I was just coming in here to do it myself. Hitting Y twice to get rid of it is the first thing I do after centering my TIR4. I'd like to set things up to skip that step.
  7. Thanks for the comments. The a/c sounds are .wav files I found on the net that I converted to mp3 so file size would be smaller. I thought they sounded pretty good on my speaker setup. I'll try enhancing in a .wav editor next time before converting to mp3. I used the xvid codec in Virtualdub and converted it to .avi.
  8. Making Lock On movies is still above my head, but I have managed to figure out how to make a slideshow of my some of my screenshots complete with soundtrack and background effects. If I can figure out how and where to upload it, I'll post it here for your comments. Thanks for looking. download
  9. Well I for one would love to see a tribute movie by you. I was an F14 Plane Captain back in the late 70s with the VF1 Wolfpack. One of the neatest times of my life.
  10. Is there a database somewhere of brand/model drives that people haven't had any SF problems with, as others here have experienced? Do you think the way a SF protected game is installed could prevent problems with other hardware? Say, if you uninstalled every other piece of hardware besides an old backup CD Rom and the HDD the game is going to be installed on. Then after the game is installed and running, reinstall all other hardware, CD/DVDRoms, HDDs, Floppy, what-have-you. Would SF effect hardware that wasn't being seen by Windows at the time of install, afterwards? I'm building a n
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