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  1. thanks for answers was looking to see if brakes deployed or not just wondered coz in lomac u had an indicator. cliff
  2. hi everyone is there an indication in the cockpit to how much airbrake i have open? thanks cliff
  3. its taken just over 2 days but now have runs ok now to set up me x45 thanks for the help im sure i'll need more soon cliff
  4. downloaded but was a corrupt version so tired disc then incremental patches.to download via torrent it will take 4 weeks is that normal?.thanks for all the replies cliff
  5. patches i have just got the box version off a10c it sez it is version have downloaded patch and it is asking for patch 1.1.1.o.5 thanks cliff
  6. hi folks can someone tell me where i can get patch 1.1.05 thanks cliff
  7. thanks for the quick replys cant wait to fly now have a good christmas cliff
  8. thanks for the replys i will proberly use bittorrent to download the full version what do i do after i have downloaded it.sorry if i seem vaugue ive never done this before. thanks again cliff
  9. hi evertyone first time for me i am geting dcs a10 on the 25 box version can i download the full patch and then patch or do i have to do it in incremants. many thanks cliff
  10. thanks for replys kungfu got problem sorted seems this is common for uk verions of l-o gold i went onto lockon files forums got it sorted from there. thanks cliff
  11. lock on works fine as 1.1 and i made sure i d/loaded version for disc owners. thanks cliff
  12. hi everyone i have just installed lock on then flaming cliffs but when i try to patch it to 1.12a i get an error 2 setup not complete can anyone help please. thanks cliff
  13. hello everyone i would like some advice on installing lock on gold please. i have been flying lock on 1.02 for a while now and tomorrow i get the gold version with flaming cliffs.i am going to reformat my pc so it will be all nice and clean to install lock on gold.what i would like to know is what is the install sequance i.e. do i install lock on patch it to 1.02 then install flaming cliffs and patch to 1.112a? thanks in advance cliff
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