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  1. Hi and welcome to DCS! I really enjoy your Spitfire and P-47 in X-Plane, so am very happy to see you are now also developing for DCS. Just out of curiosity, did you guys model and develop the Spitfire and P-47 for EA / DCS? Cheers, André
  2. Is it possible to have it not appearing by default? Regards, André
  3. Hello, I‘m using X-keys in my Home Cockpit to generate a keypress when pressing a button. When pressing a button in the configuration screen, the programmed key is recognized and everything is working. In the cockpit, the key is recognized but while the input time (the time that the keypress is generated) is too low, the switch is not changed. You can see it is recognized because f.e. the ICP Seq. toggle (F-16) is moving slightly, but the input is not generated. Is there a way to change this minimum input time required in DCS. It would avoid having to change the parameters for all
  4. Great work! Please add me to the waiting list. Thank you! André
  5. I have the same issue. Other modules load fine. I‘ve got 24Gb Ram and 1080ti with 11Gb. Edit: Tried deleting the Shaders as suggested elsewhere, but still no succes. I tried loading the F-14 with and without VR. It crashes everytime i click the Fly button after the loading is done. All other modules work fine. dcs.log-20190314-222245.zip
  6. Yesss! Thank you very much for putting in the time to include the Realteus.
  7. ah yeah, sensitive is correct! :-) One thing i will try is programming key strokes to the buttons on my Cougar, instead of DX Buttons. Maybe this will give a different feel. Thanks, André
  8. Hello, the L-39 is a beautiful plane to fly in DCS! However to my personal preference, the pitch trim is very sensitive. Is it possible to change this in any way? (I´m trimming using buttons on a Thrustmaster Cougar) Cheers, André
  9. Thanks for the info. Link16 is a standard implemented by the USAF and also used by NATO Partners to have a common interface for datasharing. The details are probably classified, but the important part for DCS is, i think, the usage for Multiplayer missions. F.e., For the CAS Mission you can use it to transmit Markpoints to playmates. They can use these to setup their attack run. Cheers, André
  10. Hi, Will the upcoming DCS A-10C feature Link16 and Buddylasing? Both are nice things to play with during Multiplayer missions. It would also be nice if we would be able to hotpit refuel and re-arm. During the last conflicts most A-10 crews flew multiple missions during a day, getting their new assignments and brief during the re-arming process. Couldn´t find anything about this searching these forums. Cheers, André
  11. Thanks guys! Downloading now..... :) Regards, André :horseback
  12. Hi bSr.L()Csta, Just wanted to let you know....I´m a big fan of your videos too. The atmosphere in these videos is the best i´ve seen so far, especially No Fear. Must have played it at least 20 times by now. The ones i´m missing are Tales of the Fallen, part 1 and -199- L.A.W. Could you make these available somewhere? I would very much appreciate it. And pls don´t stop making these great videos! Regards, André :)
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