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  1. Weird, according to a dude from Natural Point I talked to a little while ago I was the only person to have this problem... Could it be that he... *gasp* lied to me? :D
  2. I´m reading it right now (almost done actually) and have to say when it comes to the topic of Hueys in Vietnam I liked both "Snake Pilot" and especially "To The Limits" much better. "Rattler One-Seven" seems to lack a certain... well... "flow" to it. It´s more a collection of various stories which feel detached from each other even though they all happened during the author´s tour. Also, often various soldiers, pilots etc. are introduced at great length only to never be heard of again just one paragraph later. Last but not least I have noticed a number of grammar and spelling mistakes, somethi
  3. So... yeah..... any word on "DCS Aurora" yet? :D
  4. People who know don´t talk. People who talk don´t know.
  5. Funnily enough, I live by that very same policy. Sure does make for a peaceful life, huh?
  6. Wow, that was hilarious! I´m laughing so hard it hurts! :laugh:
  7. I´ve read the book a couple weeks ago and can´t praise it enough. Easily among the five best books I have ever read in my entire life. The first book that actually made me cry (not because of that one moment, but because of... ah well, read it yourself ;)). Awesome, awesome, awesome book. If you have even just a slight interest in aerial combat, you cannot pass this book. Just check out the customer reviews over at Amazon. More than a thousand reviews, and the book scores a rock solid rating of five stars. Trust me, buy it! You will LOVE the book.
  8. Sure, just open up the rearming window (press LALT + ') and knock yourself out. However, be advised that in the real world an A-10 either carries tanks or weapons, never both. Going into combat with external tanks is a big no-no for the A-10.
  9. Well, up until just recently, the Luftwaffe did fly the UH-1D, so maybe we should just have both to choose from. The developers stated they overemphasized the vibrations on purpose since you lack the "seat of the pants" feel telling you about the ETL transition in the real Huey.
  10. It´s the pilot, not the machine.
  11. Oh come on, I really did think the intelligence level on these forums would prevent such a statement to be made... As for how an Airbus would have behaved, here´s some reading material: http://www.airliners.net/aviation-forums/tech_ops/read.main/335863/1/ In short: No aircraft is foolproof. If a pilot is incompetent enough or even wants to crash the airplane, the airplane will crash. No matter if it´s a Boeing, an Airbus, an Embraer, a Sukhoi, a Tupolev, a what-have-you.
  12. Isn´t this the first hull loss of a 777 (with casualties, that is)? Guess the 777´s perfect safety record just got a little dent. :(
  13. I made a practical joke here, but then sobek edited it. So yeah, this entire posting has become pointless now, please ignore it and move on. I promise I won´t be funny anymore in the future.
  14. Try ground-stabilizing the Mav by pressing TMS down short (the Mav needs to be SOI). This will make it look at a certain point on the ground without moving. Now you can slew it around much easier. You also may wanna try to mess around with the slew speeds. Some guys like it faster, some like it slower. With a bit of practice and a proper HOTAS you can easily fire up to six Mavs in a single run. Not that six Mavs would be a realistic loadout, but it can be done nevertheless. There are a lot of ways of finding targets: Eyeballs, your TGP, JTAC, other flights, groundtroops begging for help.
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