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  1. Yes...and I also deleted "Allow Abort Mission". They just keep dropping their A2G ordnance...
  2. To be specific I am talking about AI F18 dropping their AGM88C Harms...
  3. Hi folks, there is an option to prohibit jettison of A2G weapons and fuel but it seems that ti does not work. I tried to both enable and disable it but AI always drops A2G weapons and fuel tanks when attacked. Did anybody have any success with this option ? If yes, how did you get it to behave correctly ? Thanks
  4. Hi folks, I find this one confusing. It seems like the whole world turns on me (except Bones). Any tips ? And that F18 radar does not seem overly reliable either... Thanks
  5. I play on SSD. But i managed to get through the mission eventually. I do not do GTA too old for that.
  6. What exactly is the difference between FAC Assign Group' and 'FAC - Engage Group Shoudln't Engage group be sufficient ? Thanks
  7. Where can I find out more about IR pointers in DCS ?
  8. Hi folks, I have a mission where a Reaper lases a target that I can successfully destroy with an LGB12. But why am I unable to see the laser beam with my NVGs ? Thanks
  9. I tried LSHIFT+F2 but it did not work. Is that the correct keyset or do I actually have to edit the mission to enable the option ? Thanks
  10. Yes, but that name does not help when I look at the map (F10). Anyway - I figured it out. On to the next mission. Thanks
  11. And another CTD. This one going from F10 to F1 view...while circling over waypoint 2.
  12. Mission 6 Flew it twice and both times had CTDs, First time after using the four AGM65Es successfully Second time after using the four AGM65Es successfully and using guns to kill the remaining helicopter. Missions 1 to 5 were all solid. Thanks
  13. Just to educate myself : This was a failry new driver and I am sure a lot of people still have it. Why would it crash on me ? Any ideas ? Thanks
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