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  1. What do the Nav lights look now and is taxi light fixed with latest patch?
  2. Try playing with Gamma graphic settings, I pretty much maxed out my graphic settings in DCS but I use nVidia and also play with settings of my GPU as well. I increased hue to make nav and cockpit lights glow out, however it also makes the sun create a big messy impossible to look into smudge. I simply decrease this hue thing in night sorties to make night cockpit more readable.
  3. just firewall them throttles and hit F3 (you can't hear sonic booms from within a cockpit as you're running away from it).
  4. Cause Nahen didn't get his facts straight.
  5. ...on top of that what was declared as a Fulcrum by AWACS was identified as Foxbat by the F-15C pilot that shot it. Here's entire interview with Kluso: https://youtu.be/cbcUJZKI98A
  6. Make sure to retract gear before hitting 240kts, that's the gear stress limit speed of a F-15. I you believe your gear is damaged as your wingman for a BDA bellycheck.
  7. Can we like get this thing a rolling and sign a petition for DCS: F-15C MSIPII $49.99 module. There's like a decent amount of folks with decent amount of official data and lot's of folks with time to test and evaluate a product. FC3 F-15C requires no major overhaul of external and cockpit 3D model and animations, upgrade of avionics, fix of taxi and nav lights would be all it takes. There's folks doing magic with all the freeware mods, I especially liked the work done on T-45 and A-4 so if they could only get their hands on a F-15C. Oh, I guesstimated 3m^2 figure of a Fulcrum. It's not official by any means.
  8. It's a 2005 (or so) upgrade with multifunctional TADS screen, Sniper AT pod and AIM-120C(4), there's like 80ish Eagles in USAFE and USANG that received this upgrade. Eagle from DCS should represent a 1990s version of it.
  9. Can't check with my install for a next few days but IIRC relative speed is there, make sure your Radar's on when you use guns in order to see it.
  10. That Flogger pilot seeing Swedish Viggen at a 120NM distance in his Flogger scope had a 20/20 eyesight or had a lot of vodka. Or was it a SAS DC-10? @Nahen, fact is that Flogger pilot you spoke to never saw anything in his career, he might hear of something being out there from his GCI officer but he used same doctrine as everybody else in Soviet PVO and that was to keep quiet, listen to GCI and fly low into a rear hemisphere of a target you're being vectored to. Pop up, radar on, lock - track - shoot - track - kill followed by radar off and beeline back. So the only contacts he could really lock onto to track on his Flogger radar are the ones he could see with his naked eye being at 5nm distance. He's telling you bedtime stories of Snow White and 7 dwarfs.
  11. ...and this would be to the fact that Coallition fighters had to visually ID the target before taking any shots. So actually all missile engagements in Desert Storm happened at a guns distance. F-15C flight lead acredited with Foxbat kill said he was informed by AWACS of approaching Fulcrum pair but before they merged these jets appeared to him like twin tailed F-15C or wing swept F-14 painted in older black radome color, trailing tell tale smoke of a F-4. So he had to fly formation with a target to look for any differences, he managed to note oversized nozzles once that Foxbat turned AB on so he repositioned back to WEZ and Fox1. Sparrow went up his afterburning tail pipe and explosion was absent because it disappeared in a volume of afterburning plume that Foxbat pushed out. His wingman shot the other one.
  12. Yes the target vector line should change only if a target changes heading. If you lock a hot target flying opposite heading than yours and crank it to your left gimbal it should point straight down into a lower left corner of a B Scope not at the lower center of it as it does. So thank you for pointing out an issue and heads up to ED.
  13. Smokewinders act as a weapon so Jettison Stores command should get rid of these. There's no selective jettison implemented with FC3 jets so bear in mind you'll lose all the missiles too. How do you manage to jettison wing tanks seperately from a centerline?! Did not know this was possible cause when I JFT all 3 come off simultaneously.
  14. Use steam gauges and instrument lighting when you fly into the sun. There is a HUD brightness setting, I can't remember default key combo as I customized myine so look it up in controls setup.
  15. Well, if we got B and C AMRAAM available to F-15C and we got TWS radar mode this means we should have a AN/APG-63v1 radar, just like the Belsimtek manual says. This means we have post 1990 version of the Eagle. First major test of a AN/APG-63v1 and AMRAAM A was during Desert Storm. AMRAAM failed to perform as expected if launched from Eagle Claw stations on L and R engine nacelle. These operate in such manner that they literally push the missile away from a jet, rip away it's datacord and missile would start it's engine once it's cleared (~10ft) from launcher. Eagle claws would generally develop icing at altitudes Eagles would operate (FL350+) and lots of AMRAAMs turned into a hung store (back in early 1991). However, TWS as it is modelled for the last 18 years (read since 2003 Lock On) allows simultaneous tracking and engaging of only 4 targets unlike a 63v1 that tracks 6. It's too prone to notching because of no trackfile so as soon as you notch you spoof that AMRAAM useless. RL AMRAAM (A thru C) should guide to a last known position of a target and once you reacquire the target receive a guidance fix. So what ED decided to do in LOMAC is addition of simplified and misinterpreted TWS to original AN/APG-63 performance charts made with 1970 P-3 testbed tracking a subsonic T-33. None of the P-3 don't go 35.000ft and it don't go beyond 350KIAS so radar performance charts differ a lot from the ones you'd get in a 1991 with modernized 63v1 equipped F-15C at 40.000ft scanning a 3m^2 Fulcrum flying M1.5 or more, hot.
  16. You gotta trim her first and pitch and bank should be <5° in order to function. Also try pitch, roll and yaw hold, I can't remember default keys as I've customized my F-15C.diff.lua. This is CAS, it's no classic "autopilot" you might think of, it won't put you on course to a next waypoint or steer between those.
  17. You misunderstood most of my text. English is not your native language so it's there for you to read it again 'til it clicks on you. There's nothing wrong with RPM power indication and for your info there is no 100% RPM power indication. Just saying that MilPower is underperforming. Maintaining cruise speed of M0,9 at cruise altitude of 38000ft in a straight and level clean jet is impossible W/O occasional afterburner use. No wind, no turbulence, temperature at 20°C. At altitudes beyond 20.000ft Eagle is sluggish, fat and overly acts an aerobrake. Every >1.0G moment is a dragbrake. Radar? You seem to know a lot 'bout it from a DCS: F-15C for dummies manual but you miss a fact that the F-15C presented in DCS is a joke. At least when it comes to fact that LOMAC / FC and now DCS version of Eagle has skins from 2003, weapons from 2004 and radar from 1970. If you present an Eagle equipped with AIM-120B and even C version od an AMRAAM featured fadar should (at least) be a 1990 AN/APG-63(V)1 modernized version of 1970 APG-63. It was introduced few months before Desert Storm in order to support AMRAAM missiles. Previous radar version had no TWS, only LRS. TWS mode is capable of tracking 14 and engaging 6 targets simultaneously. Can You twizz 6 contacts in DCS? In DCS there is a Hi/Med PRF and there is (as we call it here) "wide" +-60° and "narrow" +-30° azimuth scan but +-10° is limited to boresight and VS modes only. (?!) Elevation scan is limited to 4 bars (?!), no zoom option to magnify display to an area covered by TDC in a given moment. So picking between few fighter sized AC flying at 15ft parade formation distance is impossible at greater than 20nm radar range settings. There's no track history. If you lose lock (intentionally or not) during initial AMRAAM flight missile should fly to a last known position of a contact, once it gets there it turns active (pitbull) and scan for a target of opportunity (usually the greatest RCS it can detect). That's why you call pitbull, not because it sounds cool but to warn all friendly flights in the area that missile is mad and can't tell red from blue anymore. In DCS they go bee line when you lose lock and pitbull is hardcoded to 10nm. We can overspeed a gear in DCS, why can't we overspeed an airbrake?! DCS might follow official F-15C paper data but there's something seriousely mismodelled at altitudes beyond 20.000ft, might be a flight model issue (too draggy jet) or the way DCS skies act beyond 20.000ft. It should be less dense air, less lift generated but also less drag during maneuvers so I can conclude that both energy management and radar segments of F-15C module underperform in DCS.
  18. Hi, NWS disengage (default LAlt+Q) does nothing. Sitting in a parking spot with NWS disengaged but my nosewheel turns when I give her some rudder. Does it lock only at certain speed on wheelsduring TO runs or it's bugged? AFAIK it should lock the nosewheel straight and all the rudder input should affect only rudder panels. On the other hand NWS range works properly. I know that FC3 jets are kinda neglected and not interesting to anyone anymore but there's a lot of forgotten issues that need addressing. F-15C: -strange Autopilot behaviour, trim remains active with ATT and/or ALT hold engaged. -radar performance: unable to detect C-17 sized target >60nm, losing lock upon each notch of a contact, no contact history displayed on B-scope, unprecise TDC with no zoom option so soft locking fighter sized contacts flying close formation at 40nm is almost impossible. -full Mil thrust required for straight and level cruising rendering RPM ranges of 67-91 wasted that can be used only for descents.
  19. Yes, trim is still functional when you flip ATT and ALT hold switches (default S and A keys). You gotta trim it straight and level to engage autopilot and but you can still use trims with ATT and ALT toggled. Dunno how it functions IRL but I guess this is a mistake by devs.
  20. Dunno, but I really find it weird, at higher units of AoA clean F-15C seems to aerobrake way too siginificant, almost like a delta winged aircraft. That requires dropping nose below horizon, relaxing to 1G or even going for 0G to gain back some smash. The funny thing in DCS is that different players get different performance outta same module and it's based on your specific X & Y curve setting. If used with zero or negative curve F-15 becomes way too responsive, slight pull on the X stick would generate 4G and cause performance loss, if you numb it out with a higher curvature the fight model seems to sluggish so there should be some recommended curve setting for each module and aircraft for us to compare data.
  21. Yeah, I just used that altitude and speed to simulate long range high flying airliner. There is a Civilian Aircraft mod, however I don't think that featured airliners performance is accurate so I used KC-135 instead. But You're right there, C feels like an E, draggy and fat, puffing and sweating up above 30.000ft. I tell you every >1G maneuver bleeds off too much. You simply can't maintain energy even in level turns without kicking burners to regain it. It does accelerate fast, but speed as featured in DCSW means nothing if you lose it just like that. I watched the F-15C unrestricted takeoff HUD tape, taking of from Nellis AB. I don't believe that jparticular jet was clean with pylons removed but pilot performed lift off maintaining 3°-4° pitch and reached 450kts at opposite threshold pulling 6G to 80°pitch and rolled wings level at 15.000ft at 250kts. Tried doing the same in DCSW with clean loadout and 100% of fuel and I reached 420kts at the opposite end, zoomed to 13.000ft (230kts) and nearly stalled berfore rolling inverted into a level flight at 15.000ft. I had to pitch down back to 13.000ft to regain smash for a <20°AoA level flight.
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