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  1. Well that would be a lot of work for a free of charge template. I'm making a lot of NTTR Red Flag scenario templates, these spawn static AC and Helos to Tonopah - RED and Nellis AFB - BLUE as these two are main homeplates in RL Red Flag scenarios. The trouble is that it's very time consuming, I had to manually position every static object (Plane, Helo, soldier, vehicle etc.) and to play with it so there would be some liveliness for each mission. I hate static AC when they're all alligned perfectly, there's has to be some inperfection in that harmony to make it appear li
  2. Bear in mind that Razbam Strike Eagle is vanilla version which means 1989 multirole version with heavy emphasis on standoff A2G. So don't expect air superiority Eagle on steroids once you land it on your SDD. I see everybody's frustration when F-15C got nerfed with FC3 compared to what it used to be in the old days of Lock On - Modern air combat and early versions of FC2. Now she bleeds heavy as you get into a CAC ACM requiring a pitch drop and full AB usage. As you quickly spiral down in your circle fight with Su-27, MiG-29, F-16 and F-18 that maintain that sustained turning muc
  3. First of all it's silly to expect any F-15C avionics and system updates in future FC versions, I've been playing this game ever since Flanker 2, LOMAC, FC 1, FC2, DCS and so on and the Eagle featured in all of these versions is representing the RL F-15C MSIP dating back from mid '80s and used as such in Desert Storm. So let's say that FC3 Eagle got stuck in 1985. So did the Flankers and Fulcrums on the red side...and there is a balance...Desert Storm era balance. If ED upgrades Eagle to a 2007 standard with instalation of AN/APG-63v3 AESA radar, EPAWSS, datalink, helmet
  4. Perhaps I'm doing something wrong by keeping the AoA at 10° during landing rolls but my touch down to full stop time and distance seems equal as without aerobraking. Perhaps aerobraking ain't that effective as we might expect it. I've witnessed F-15E doing a wheelie during landing roll, she was barely moving down the runway but pilot had a nose wheel up for 20 something seconds, playing with AoA as he liked it. Definitely much slower than 100TAS when DCS script drops F-15C nose. So that's why I still believe that fight model is heavy scripted / simple. Check this vid at
  5. Yeah, the F-15C is a simplified flight model (as well as other FC3 flyables) so aerobraking during landing rollout doesn't seem to produce anything. Wheelbraking is funny, I can't say if it works at all, keeping the W button pressed doesn't really slow You down in landig rolls and doesn't prevent rolling if you throttle up to ~90% RPM. Differential braking (left and right wheelbrakes) cause major oscillations. Wheels tend to lock up so you skid around like crazy.
  6. I know that I can't bind an axis to a W button command on some platforms (modern day jets), on the other hand it's possible to do on Warfighters as they're modelled with differential brakes in mind working as an axis. My toebrakes are programmed in Saitek profile editor to trigger W key press when activated but DCS for some reason doesnt's recognize that command. Thanks,
  7. Hi all, I've been away from DCS for too long now but now with more fre time and a new rig I can get back to it. Sooo, I own a Track IR 4, TM Cougar and a Saitek Pro Flight Rudder for ages ( I believe since early 2000s) and pretty much managed to program everything to my liking except binding a wheelbrake (button W) to a Saitek PFR Toebrake. Saitek PFR has both left and right toebrakes working in an axis manner whereas DCS sees it as a single button W press and hold. So I can't assign axis to a Wheelbrake command by using the DCS in game controls binding. On the oth
  8. Any links to russian Su-27 intercept of RC-135U over Black Sea that happened on Jan 25th? I've read it here and translation of it would be: INCIDENT OVER BLACK SEA: Russian SU-27 "dangerously and unprofessionally" intercepted an American reconnaissance aircraft. Russian fighter Sukhoi-27 Flanker intercepted in international airspace American reconnaissance plane RC-135U, announced US military officials. Representative command of US forces in Europe, the so-called European command, Daniel Hernandez, the media confirmed that the incident took place January 25th, above the Black Sea, in inte
  9. Yeah. I can say many names not fitting the system crossing the border looking for more appreciation. It happens today as well, many braniacs going abroad.
  10. It was never mentioned anywhere so far but I believe it can. Now why do I think that? M1.01 is a supercruise...it's not M1.6 like your average Raptor but it's faster than a speed of sound. Current engines used with T-50 are Su-27 engine upgrades, not as powerful as the ones they intend to install once the T-50 goes serial but these engines asre powerful enough to propel the streamlined jet beyond M1.0 I remember German MiG-29 pilots accidentally going supersonic during Ful Mil flights. Perhaps in a slight dive or headwind but it used to happen with older engines as well. In or
  11. Correct, but if you look closely you'll see it's the MiG-23BM which is the export acronym or version of MiG-27. Slanted nose, Balkon canopy, Kyra laser rangefinder etc...
  12. There's no SPO "beeps" for IR guided incoming missiles or optically guided AAA...so you're true here. As far as I can see they're pounding on a fixed target. That mudmover in the begging of the video is long gone or someplace else. MiG-29 is doing No8 pattern in the sky attacking from both directions indicating there's no AAA/IR threat. Also they don't go too vertical as you can see overcast above obscuring the target area. Instead they do shallow angle approach ~20° down the canyon. They also work in pair as you usually would in CAS with MiG-29 observing the target area while -27 runs i
  13. ^^ The photo in that article depicts Russian Knights Su-27... I had no idea they fight with syrian airforce. LOL!
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