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  1. Any chance on having Hornet MFDs exported beside UFC and AMPCD like case with Viper where we have UFC and both MFDs option?
  2. OK screw DCSW2.7, I have many DCSW builds(both stable and OB) where I can compare patches and benchmark various differences. I suggest folks to do the same on their SDDs. In case of uMFCD crashing DCS perhaps we can have uMFCD slewed to a 2.5.6. build (or some older patch) that we could use for SP homeplay with uMFCD feature and do our MP gameplay with 2.7 build that You don't use uMFCD for. It's a great feature to have if you're a pitbuilderand have invested thousands into various panels and displays so it would be a shame if we don't follow uMFCD path. Any links to a
  3. Now I just gave it a try with 2.7... F-15C @ 40.000ft MSL, straight and level flight in ALT and ATT hold, 5200lbs of fuel 2xAiM-120C on stations 3 / 4 1xAiM-9M on 11 ACMI pod on 1 G 1.0 3°AoA 0° pitch / 0° bank Synced both engines to 92% RPM (Full Mil throttle) and 492kts TAS / 244 IAS / M .88 is constant. Edit: Although she seems to accelerate by 1kt for each 100lbs of fuel burn. What do you think? Under performing or not?
  4. What Dudikoff said above works also with older TM Cougar software called Foxy that I highly recommend (and use for 17 years so far). Are U aware that You can physically adjust the position of both IDLE and AB detents if you open up a Cougar TQS? Say your IDLE detent is positioned at 4% of throttle travel. Foxy allows programing a curve so that all <4% generates a RSHF+End macro that kills your engine. So 5% can generate an egine start and 6% thru 100% behave like a slider with adjustable curve to allow more curve / precision in that close to FulMil sweetspot your th
  5. Wear steel toe Danner boots with rubber sole like I do when I fly.
  6. So could the main reason of WH throttle going haywire be in the fact that 5V voltage actually fries circuits? How 'bout connecting throttle to a non powered USB 2 hub with 10ft of cable (to increase impedance and reduce voltage) in the first place, before anything goes wrong? I ask because I just bought my TM WH throttle and thinking of all proofing before I even connect it to my MoBo rear USB ports. I use TM Cougar HOTAS for 17 years now (bough it back in 2004 when they hit the market) and haven't had any issues so far. Thanks all.
  7. Well, FC3 has let's see 9 flyble planes on top of Su-25T and TF-51D you get for free with DCSW. Price of FC3 is equal to one of DCS WWII Assets pack so one cannot expect much brains from it.
  8. Yeah, with AMRAAM being a heavier missile it's usually loaded to outer hardpoints (1,11) of wing pylons that are easier to access and reach by a loading tractor. So TCTS and Winder are usually loaded to 3 and 9 that are hard to reach, approach obstructed by aircraft engine nacelle. Check at 01:40: https://youtu.be/2RHkxY3X8rY
  9. Back in the LO and early FC (1.12B) days F-15C was as good as AWACS so I steered away from flying it and meeting it in virtual skies (literally). Now it's an underdog in DCS skies so I kinda grew into it. The fact is F-15C got nerfed. It can't power climb, can't sustain in turn fights without pitchdown as much as it could, radar got degraded by at least 30%, Sparrows suddenly slowed down etc.Guess those Redfor rants from back then made a difference. It's quite unfair and unrealistic for a F-15C o I feel kinda sorry for it.
  10. Guess they nerf the Eagle and other FC3 flyables with each and every update. As such these slowly turn into arcade fighters so Your focus shifts to DCS single modules that each cost as much as all FC flyables. So unless there's a clickable, advanced avionics F-15C module in the making (there's F-15E) guess we gotta suck it up.
  11. It ain't just the Eagle, most jets in DCS underperform at altitudes beyond 30.000ft. if you fly straight and level and start from M1.0 holding throttle in FullMil you'll stall within few minutes if you don't kick your AB every now and then. I made a F-15C test mission of escorting a B747 flying M ,9 at 39.000ft. Had centerline FT, 2*AIM120 and 2 AIM-9. In order to keep up with it in S&L flight had to use my AB halfway thru. I find it hard to believe.
  12. Having it available on stations 3 and 9 of a F-15C would be welcome and add to realism. Any Integrity check friendly pylon editor mods on this matter? I remember, back in the days of LOMAC and FC, a utility called LOPE (Lock On Pylon Editor). Is anything similar available for DCS 2.5.6. and 2.7? Thanks all.
  13. Yes of course. I tried Vaicom but it was a Free one so it probably lacked AI commands toggle option or I wasn't paying attention back in the day. Guess I'm gonna go Pro sooner or later so I'll enjoy flying a further more. but back to Voice Attack, I have most of the DCS modules configured with all commands so I cover 90% off all featured commands, many of them sporting different phrases. I also included lot of prefix and sufix commands that I find great for creating complex phrases, mostly needed for managing AI Wingmen and entire AI Flight. So yeah, it takes a while to g
  14. Well there's the history units option in Mission editor allowing availability of date and year specific units. I wish it would also change the scenery accordingly so you'd have Lakenheath Eagles and concrete runways in full spectrum over Channel.
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