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  1. I have these two Ace F-15C that is supposed to provide CAP for two F-16s with bombs. The problem is that nearly every single time I run this mission the two F-15s get shot down by the Rookie Su-27 that I've assigned as Red CAP (and then shoots down the two Ace F-16s as well...) Is the Su-27 really that superior to the F-15C or can I tweak the advanced waypoint actions a bit so that the F-15s have a greater chance of success?
  2. But I do not understand what the options give me. How does "No Weapon" differ from "All", or "-Bombs"?
  3. Edit - I would prefer if the AI follow their route, but at least not RTB unless the rules stated above.
  4. Hello, I have three scenarios. How do I set them up? 1 - An aircraft with AA (AIM9), AG (Mk82) and guns. I'd like this to RTB only when AG bombs have been dropped. 2 - An aircraft with AA (AIM9), Anti radar missile (ALARM) and guns, I'd like this aircraft to RTB only if all ALARMS have been fired 3 - An aircraft with AA and guns. This aircraft I'd like to RTB only if all missiles AND guns have been depleted. Hope you can help me with this
  5. I see what you mean. I'll experiment with the no reaction action, but I then fear that the SAM will shoot them down before they shoot their ALARM missiles... I do not allow them to jettison their stores with the "restricted jettison" action, so that does luckily not happen.
  6. Thank you, I've set them to Evade Fire already, so this is already active. That is why I find it strange that they RTB still sometimes. Can I see somewhere how much fuel they have left? Could it still be fuel even though they have drop tanks?
  7. From time to time I see that my AI bombers and SEAD aircraft abort their mission and RTB early. I was wondering why that happens. I believe I have identified one cause to be fuel. In the first version of the mission all aircraft that did not carry fuel tanks would RTB before reaching the target area. After adding fuel tanks the aircraft at least fly for longer than what they did. Still I see them RTB early from time to time so what other causes can be the reason for an aircraft to RTB without completing its mission? What can I consider that would prevent this?
  8. Thank you. I was able to reproduce the somewhat lower altitude, but even in your example the AI bomber will not go below 1000' AGL. Even though you (and I) have set the altitude to be 100' AGL... To me it appears as if 1000' AGL is a minimum bombing altitude.
  9. Hello! I try to set up an F-16 AI to do low level bombing with high drag bombs. The target is a building. The F-16 come in at 17000 ft MSL. On the WP before the target (IP about 12 NM out) I set them to descend to 500 AGL and increase speed to 550 knots. Advanced Waypoint Actions is set to Bombing - Unguided - All in 1 pass and the marker is set to the target building. Now the problem is that if I let the aircraft descend to 500' at IP they just start to circle there, never pushing forward to the target. If I however raise the altitude to above 5
  10. Hello, I'm looking into a mission file created by someone who appears to know their way around the Mission Editor and I was wondering about the following: In a mission, and on an AI unit: In what situations would you set the following. Why was it important for the mission designer to set these advanced waypoint actions? What was his thoughts and goal that would not be met had he not used those actions? 1 - ECM Using = USE IF ONLY LOCKED BY RADAR 2 - Radar Using = NEVER USE 3 - Restrict Jettison = on 4 - Restrict Afterburne
  11. I see. Since you mentioned you've used the system for a number of years, I'm sure you are correct! I'm just making assumptions And I was under the impression that those clicks and pops were the HAVEQUICK system in action.
  12. I understand. I mixed in the UHF background noise to the HAVEQUICK effect. It sounded better of course, but the clicks in your file seem deeper in pitch than the click in the clip I linked to. This is taken from a formation flight so it could be a hot mic, even though he is not talking. It could also be interference on some of the frequencies the HAVEQUICK system listen to in a fraction of a sec?
  13. Thank you Cribob. The HAVEQUICK_TONE.wav in the Audio Effects folder does not sound exactly as the sound I uploaded above. Can the file I uploaded be of something else?
  14. You are absolutely correct, I'm sorry. It is indeed a frequency hopping system and not encryption. Although the audio is about the same I believe one can hear the system in operation by it's small "quirks and clicks"? I've uploaded a file below that if I am correct is the Have Quick in operation (less the breathing of the pilot) when no one is talking. Thank you for your suggestion! This was not exactly what I was after. I'm looking for the sound you can hear in this audio clip that I've included below. Have Quick 7.ogg
  15. Hello, In a mission I'm building I was looking for Have Quick (encryption) sound effects while pushing messages on screen and was wondering if I can download such files somewhere? They do not have to be very long. A sec or two is should be enough. Thank you
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