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  1. Don't know if its just me but i feel simulating the waiting for INS needs to be an option. I enjoy the ramp start but the waiting seems rediculous in a game. Im currently making a coffee and still getting back in time to wait some more.. I know about the stored heading but often this option ends in a failed alignment on many servers... Please ED give us the option to atleast halve the wait
  2. Thx for reply BIGNEWY, I ask for clearance etc, The mission is hosted on a dedicated server and others can see the runway lights. Bignewys mention of old bug is interesting. I edited this mission and moved the aircraft from another runway to this one, I wonder if this caused the "old bug" mentioned.
  3. Latest 2.5.6 OB patch I see no runway lights while others on the server do!? Was also the case for me last patch, Anyone have any idea's?
  4. Every time i see a what plane can we have next comment i cringe, The core, current aircraft, ai & modules need to be sorted bad. At the moment its wow look at my amazing F-14 as i fly past a 500 poly model thats been ingame since the beginning...and do an amazing cold start in my F-16 but wait i cant find the runway because the lights dont work... Have loved this sim since the beginning and still do, but i must admit theres a whole pile of things getting left behind as we get the next early release module. I have most modules that have been released but at this point, I'd prefer to pay
  5. Fixing and upgrading the old models, weapons and characteristics would be more important to me than more aircraft, Starting to turn into flight simulator...
  6. I enjoy the cold start procedure, Dont get me wrong, I just dont enjoy sitting there waiting for 6 minutes ingame if i dont want to, Having the option would be nice, This is an option for other aircraft is it not?
  7. I hope theres an option to skip all the waiting, Dont mind it occasionally but not always interested in sitting there waiting 10 minutes to get airborne when im short of time...
  8. My CH setup has been great too.. Cannot say that for my Cougar that gave me no end of grief... Which is why i never purchased the Warthog...
  9. JetwasH


    Because everyones too damn scared it wont compete with BMS.. It doestnt have too ffs...BMS took 15 years to get where it is..If anyone expected that they need a slap in the face anyways...
  10. JetwasH


    Would be nice to see a new AI model of F-16 getting around the NTTR, The current F-16's look bloody terrible sat beside the nice F-15 models..
  11. Ive always enjoyed doing bombing runs in BMS as the bombs seem to be far more lethal, and the large smoke effects make you feel like you did some damage, After a bombing run in DCS it looks like someones set the bbq on fire... I love the large smoke effects from ships in 1.5.6 version..Thats more what i would expect to see after a bomb hits something that has fuel in it..
  12. JetwasH

    Tail Numbers?

    Hiyas Been playin around with an F-15 skin but i cannot get rid of tail numbers? Can someone please let me know how to get rid of them? Cheers..
  13. air to air is similar you need to make the incoming missile lose energy but without losing your own... so try to keep 3-9 line again as its a couple seconds from hit you pull into it or under it. Here another one.. A/A
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