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  1. Hi, I just wanted to check if the F14 will be in Open Beta version only, or in the general availability release of DCS world? Thanks, G
  2. Thank you for the prompt response. I found the issue. The settings were on Game mode, not Sim mode. Would I be correct in stating that Game mode is either not fully supported or perhaps out of scope of the early access? Setting to Sim mode it flies so much better!
  3. Hi Fellow Pilots I am not a DCS expert by a long shot, but I am struggling with the Hornet where the acceleration is really sluggish. Compared to other fast jet modules I have this is just wrong. I did reset my Axis settings and especially the throttle for the slider binding.\ I use a TM16000 Any advice or pointers would be much appreciated. Thanks, G
  4. I am trying to figure out what is the approximate timeline that DCS World presents in regards to the available technology? Is it early 2000's? I am just trying to understand as it would not reflect the latest defense technology available. I am merely asking to add context to my own narrative when playing. Many thanks, G
  5. Thank you for the prompt response. Where can I see what other DCS WW2 is going to be released in the near future?
  6. Hi Firstly I apologise if some of these questions are obvious but I cannot find a definitive answer or I have not searched well enough. Is DCS: Normandy 1944 going to be part of DCS: WW2 1944-1945? Also will there be more AI aircraft apart from the B-17 added? I currently have no WW2 DCS modules aircraft wise, so say I buy the Mustang, will there be Mustangs added as AI opponents or are there more AI opponents that you can fight against. Thanks, G
  7. Thanks for the info guys, much appreciated. I wish they wouldn't hide the version number in the credits page...
  8. I respect each ones opinion to what they would like to see as a next release. Yes the F-16 did get some attention through the years, but really it was only the Falcon series that did it any justice. Although still technically superior to many other sims, it is showing it's age. The F-16 is such a prolific fighter aircraft. It is exported to a large number of countries. It is present in almost all global conflict areas. It is modern, carries a large number of different weapons and the versatility makes it a interesting subject. The thing is I am sure is that lots of enthusiasts might be
  9. I have bought the game through Steam as I was unable to download the files via the site here. It kept cutting off the whole time. I did see however that the Steam version is still on version 1.1.0 When is the Steam version getting updated? Thanks, G
  10. Really looking forward to Nevada, but we do need some modern day conflict area based in desert type terrain as a change to what we have now... I agree, Middle East/Afghanistan or Libya for example.
  11. I think it is time to move on from the SU-25 and other Flaming Cliff/Lock_on Flyables (although a Mig-29 is always welcome). We have seen it in both Lock On and Flaming Cliffs. Although the A-10 was aslo present, I would like them to add new playable aircraft to the series and not necessarally revisit stuff that we could fly previously. Just my 5 cents.
  12. I am so impressed with the fidelity of these sims.. I have both Blackshark and recently got hold of the A-10C. And wow... all the details, sounds, atmosphere. I really really hope that we will see a dedicated release of the following: F-16C AH-64 F-15E F-18C/E Oh and a desert campaign would also be great for a change of scenery. There are few companies that do sims like these today and I hope we will see the DCS universe expand. I also have to say that for a sim that is so complex and visually stunning it also runs very well and looks great, even on medium rigs. Keep
  13. Interesting, thanks! Can we request a kind of intermediate mode as an enhancement? Thanks! G
  14. Anyone... I haven't managed to find key references for those features. thanks, G
  15. Hi Is it possible to remove the 360 radar, aim point, line of sight and and active weapons display overlay, but keeping the easy mode avionics functionality? Thanks, Gian
  16. Hello I am looking for the command list for game/arcade mode to print out. I saw that the one available is realistic only.... or can I still use those? Thanks, G
  17. So this is for Realistic and Game mode? I will check as it is working already in Realistic mode and wonder why it will be disconnected in Game mode. I will have a look when I get home tonight... Thanks for the pointer!
  18. Hmmm... that is a good question... I think I have looked at the buttons only. I cannot recall having seen assigning an axis option.... Is it listed at the bottom of the screen as well? Thanks!
  19. Hi Yes, that is what I am trying to configure. The collective assignments there are empty for my joystick and it doesn't recognise when I move the throttle axis when I choose 'Add' So I am a bit stumped..... thanks, Gian
  20. Hello I have this urge to fly in desert or arid type terrain like Afghanistan for example... Are there plans for additional scenery types and areas to be released? Would be great to fly through gorges and ravines and the like.. Cheers, G
  21. Hi I am trying to learn this awesome machine by using the casual/game flight mode instead of realistic. When the setting is realistic... the collective on my Joystic works fine. When I switch it over to casual or game it looses the setting on my joystick and I am having trouble assigning it as it doen't recognise the throttle when I move it. I looked at the list of assignments under realistic do try and figure out what I need to choose from the drop down list (there are so many) but there is nothing listed there either althought it is working in realistic mode. I am using a Sid
  22. Hi I have to say I am amazed at what has been done thus far. I guess I have a sort of a whish list: Would it be be possible to have the Hind as some official addon? THat would be great!!!! Also the F-16!!! That is all, Thanks, Gian
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