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  1. amazing! thanks for 2.7 compatible version
  2. Can we use those nukes? I know NO still great work! thanks for update Can't wait for fly with the Hind and then the Apache there
  3. Many thanks for this :thumbup:
  4. :thumbup: great news! thanks for the reply on the topic. Those extra features sounds so nice :punk:
  5. Nice BIG update log! thanks :thumbup: Any chance to have the planned option (hope is still planned) to give Iceman the "order" to fly in circles a point in the map, so we can jump to the back seat and use the LANTIRN from there? I mean, before having the final full update for LANTIRN Jester? Can be a great option and substitute for use the LANTIRN in SP in a better way without using the nice mod out there :smilewink:
  6. YES 100% always dreamed with something similar to SAM Sim (the classic free Sim) for DCS. Hope you can see radar screens and control single units. Red lights ready at home bunker for the DLC :thumbup:
  7. Fercyful


    Thanks! Please don't forget also the RIO advisory right side panel (not in the above picture) The pilot one works fine in daylight, if RIO pit can get that love all will be finally fine :)
  8. Confirmed. Check here: https://imgur.com/5euuKAp daylight and all lights "on" using the pilot light testing switch. In pilot pit you can see them all at warning pane but RIO pit S.O.S. Maybe is ED side but if in pilot pit works well maybe not.
  9. Thanks IronMike! landing light seem fixed :thumbup: Hope the RIO panel lights can be revisited, these lights https://imgur.com/5euuKAp (and the right side panel) are so dim during daylight (turning all on and checking them using the pilot's light test switch) the pilot right advisor panel looks nice during day but the RIO counterpart is so dim. Can be nice if both pits are balanced in that part. I know/hope is WIP :) thanks!
  10. Yes please check these ones : https://imgur.com/5euuKAp (all turned on -via pilot panel light testing knob-, full intensity, no sun, so dim) sure are affected by the new global ED light, hope can be tuned up for daylight. thanks!
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