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  1. That was me asking for bloopers... pfft... :p That's a refueling for the text books.
  2. For anyone that is still haveing trouble.. HL was never actually down.. but the DNS changed. Go here for the fix http://forums.ubi.com/groupee/forums/a/tpc/f/23110283/m/5921061604
  3. Yes.. it's great fun... especialy with the reality mod... it changes almost everything about the game..
  4. Try a direct IP connect.. skip hyper lobby all together.
  5. You can edit your config to increase the quality of them to.. it's at 90% default.. bump it to 100
  6. Yeah I never understood that part about him using it for so long when it seemed it was just released not to long ago...but after all... he is Chuck Norris. Atleast you guys have a sense of humor... I was well known at this KLR650 forum.. had 1700 posts... well I threw a few Chuck Norris facts out there :p ... Well I've been banned for the last few days.. wonder when he'll let me back in :p
  7. Awesome.. I love when things can actualy break from abuse... I wish we could abuse the engines in some way too...
  8. No.. those are pictures from the BF2 reality mod! :p
  9. It may just be a fluke but I've noticed better and more sounds while playing IL2fb++ .. as for Lomac it seems the same without any noticable FPS hit. I am using the zzzspace sound mod, but I don't know if that has anything to do with not losing FPS.
  10. Some games will dynamicly reduce scenery and such to maintain a minimum FPS. It could be applied to lomac I suppose but that would just be more work for the cpu to deal with.
  11. Even if it didn't catch on, it's kinda cool looking.. good idea IMO... did it work at all?
  12. His warning light is on also because he's over the recomended max speed... I don't really know what the mile stone is... but then I'm no master.
  13. I saw a documenty on the A-10 a while ago and it said if the cannon were to be fired nonstop during straight and level flight, that it would slow the air speed of the aircraft down.... but who knows these days.
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