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  1. Very glad I checked here..been going crazy with this past few days. anything gps guided way off, lasers no problem
  2. I’ve been at this since Falcon 3 . DCS is beyond what I thought possible. Superb fun!
  3. Relearning the a-10 after years of hornet, etc. Since day one I’ve used the trim hat forward and back on my warthog stick to zoom in and out since I didn’t use or understand trimming in the old days. I’m currently ready to tackle a to a refueling and want to reassign zoom to the tension slider on my throttle but can’t seem to find it in the control settings. Can anyone give me a clue as to how I can do that? Thanks!
  4. Getting pretty consistent with carrier landings but every trap still accompanied by the nose of the plane jerking upwards with the rear actually hitting the deck and sparking. I have checked my bindings to see if I am somehow applying wheel brakes without knowing it but can find nothing wrong. I am certainly not intentionally applying any brakes. Any ideas?
  5. Getting the hang of the whole on speed thing and landing fairly consistently. One problem, each landing and trap is accompanied with a severe rise in the nose of the jet As it catches the wire. In addition, the wire frequently is caught on the hook and I cannot detach When hook is raised. What am I doing wrong?
  6. Want to take the VR plunge to coencide with hornet release. Top of line system w/1080 Ti. Which headset would you suggest?
  7. Does anyone actually unplug while starting and shutting down as discussed in the brick thread? Seems like a huge pain in the ass.
  8. Thanks so much for that. It will be here Friday. Simply no other option.
  9. Thanks for that link. I am certainly not alone but regardless it's killing me not being able to use the new rig! Waiting weeks for a reply and weeks more to repair or whatever is not an option. Considering ordering a new throttle from Amazon...I did get a lot of years out of it and I'd have the new one in two days. $240.00 in the crapper. Spent all day yesterday prepping, downloading, activating ( btw..I thought my modules should have "auto" activated) all my modules and now this. SUCKS!!!
  10. Rebooted several times. Tried several USB ports. Waiting for reply from TM support. Meanwhile, under FAQ on TM website found a procedure for " waking up controllers that are not recognized due to loss of firmware" which involves updating drivers and connecting USB while simultaneously holding down two buttons on throttle base. Tried several times with no joy. At least I know the problem isn't exclusively mine. This sucks, big time! I finally have the rig of my dreams and I can't fly!! Frustration grows!:mad:
  11. Hey guys: Just got my new, awesome Maingear rig. Upon transferring my HOTAS Warthog throttle to the new unit I get a message that the "last USB device connected is malfunctioning and not recognized by windows". The darn thing was working fine yesterday with older rig and all I did was unplug it and plug it back in. Could it possibly really be broken? Working fine for years. Any ideas?? Frustrating!!!
  12. CPU= i7 7700k 4.2/4.5 turbo quad core w/hyperthreading turbo w/ 8 MB L3 RAM= 32 GB hyper predator DDR 4-3000 (4x8 GB ) dual channel Will this keep my matter/anti matter pods from imploding?
  13. I'm finding that "choosing my destiny" is a bit nerve wracking, being unfamiliar with computer guts! Just want the best flying experience with the most eye candy possible! Trying to piece together the proper options from many diverse sources is tricky. Thanks for a few more puzzle pieces. I think I'm ready to pull the trigger... Intel i7 7700 MSI gaming mobo Gtx 1080 Ti 32 gb RAM 750 w power unit Acer predator 34" curved monitor No overclocking except automatic Intel "turbo":pilotfly: Built by Maingear So stoked for the Hornet!
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