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  1. Almost all the missions at VSAAF HQ Server feature the Hercules, drop by sometime.
  2. Hey Doc, use 'A' to engage or disengage autopilot. I suggest you map it to joystick since you are going to use it every flight for Yaw Damping. There is also a volume turn knob in the middle console where you can adjust the volume of the warning message.
  3. Hi Grimes, can you maybe assist me in what will cause this error. :4941: in function 'group_alive_more_than' [string "mist.flagFunc.group_alive_more_than { units = 'Timer', flag = 100, percent = 60, interval = 600, toggle = true, }"]:1: in main chunk Using Mist ver.4_4_90 I know it is not much context.
  4. I was working on textures for the Herc but stoped work immediateley when I saw this template. Bloody marvelous work Strider!! I'm your number one fan mate! For those that want to get a crew together, VSAAF will be hosting a mission "Gulf Island Wars" tonight using the hercules extensively in a mission logistic environment. Eight Hercs in total can be crewed up and almost all other DCS planes available.
  5. To me this sounds amazing...well done hubson.
  6. CTLD Script hit a snag it seems after the update, can spawn a JTAC crate but does not get any indication of hovering above it(text), not able to pick up crate either. SOLVED: Rolled back MIST from: mist_4_4_85 to mist_4_3_74
  7. Thank you for this Hardcard. I think I am having a bit of a blond moment, I'm not sure of these flag names: local Base_1_Flag = tostring( net.dostring_in('server', " return trigger.misc.getUserFlag("Base 1 flag name"); ") ) local Base_2_Flag = tostring( net.dostring_in('server', " return trigger.misc.getUserFlag("Base 2 flag name"); ") ) local Base_3_Flag = tostring( net.dostring_in('server', " return trigger.misc.getUserFlag("Base 3 flag name"); ") ) I gave flag values to the first part 1,2, and 3 ["Value of Base_1_Flag when blue"] = { ["Red_unit_1"] = true
  8. Hi there Avrora...looks great, do you have an updated script available? My interest is more a cross country nav exercise.
  9. Nice work Joey, anyone know of a "driveable ship"? Need someting like that in a mission I'm creating.
  10. Thanks for the pointers Grimes, getting the job done is another matter though. :)
  11. Maybe Grimes can help us out a bit. Just need to know the basics of capturing and exporting data such as flight hours per airframe flown. Other thing is how to impliment in WordPress. The search for knowledge continues.
  12. Hi there, I have a mision running the script and it runs smoothly on my server. Only issue I have is that it does not look as good as previously, I seem to have white smoke plooms and not black. Maybe there is a newer version of the script..not sure.
  13. Does anyone know the magnetic variation in the DCS Persian Gulf map? Guess we can then make our own plates for the airfields.
  14. Awesome mod you guys put together here! I can see myself having hours of fun with this, I must admit it is a beast to fly but I'm sure I will tame it. Thumbs up on this mod!
  15. This is awesome news, thanks for the info.
  16. Hi..I kinda have the same problem. I use the DCS World open Beta Server and the WebGUI. It shows that the server is running and even shows on the DCS site like yours. When I search for the server on my DCS World 2.5.5 (not beta) the server is not found. Ports have been forwarded and checked with portforward.com. Anyway, I will keep you updated on any progress, you do the same plz. Thanks Mid
  17. Ops Burning Carrage Had some great fun with this mission, destroy three convoys before they reach their destination. Almost all DCS aircraft included. Feel free to edit this mission any way you like. Have fun Ops Burning Carrage v2.3.miz
  18. VSAAF Harvard AT-6 MOD Wanted to share this video with you guys. It was a clip I made of the VSAAF AT-6 Harvard Mod. I could not participate in the show due to something that came up. ${1} Try this link instead if video does not want to play..
  19. No go for me, getting script errors: 00566.277 ERROR DCS: Mission script error: : [string "C:\Users\Pappa\AppData\Local\Temp\DCS\/~mis00006879"]:158: ')' expected (to close '(' at line 157) near 'end'
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