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  1. I ordered these a year ago and never got around to building a setup. I'm selling both as a set, I do not want to piece them out. If you have a friend and want to split I'm open to the idea. All items needed to get them working are included. Cyclic Stick UH-1 Cyclic Basis Collective Stick UH-1 Collective Base Leo Bodnar Joystick Controller 12-Bit Leo Bodnar Button Box Interface 32 TC Asking $750 USD, shipping not included. (Los Angeles, CA)
  2. Open Beta and yes cool down period.
  3. I wouldn't consider it fixed per say. The image is extremely crunched. In black hot mode its extremely dark and white hot mode its almost pure white.
  4. As stated in another thread if you have the RWR turned off the issue does not arise. This started when the hornet was added and looking at the access violation I can probably guess why. While you're at it could you please fix the M2000 RWR icon from "U" to "M2k" or whatever icon its supposed to have as stated in your manual.
  5. He may be talking about similar inertia issues discussed here. Any comment?
  6. Added new video #7. Strong right stick inputs lock up controls, reducing collective returns control of aircraft
  7. Whats changed: The new flight model removed almost all pitch and roll inertia. This has been confirmed by Polychop themselves and so is not a matter of question. Pitch and roll inertia has very strong dampening in the new FM. Old FM: Pitch and roll had very high inertia. It can reasonably be said that the inertia was probably too high. New FM: Pitch and roll have little to no inertia. Control inputs feel very robotic. Inertia under the new FM is also inconsistent. Where sometimes it will exhibit slightly more falloff while the same maneuver commanded moments later will exhibit none. Right command inputs differ from left command inputs. Polychop feedback: What I would appreciate from Polychop is more feedback on the matter then they have released. In particular more detailed information than "pilots gave it an OK". A few topics that I think would be appreciated may include. What is the roll rate and dampening of the flight model. How did the testers and pilots evaluate the flight model. What type of flying was performed. What type of maneuvers were performed. It is important to know how the FM is evaluated. If FM changes are only being evaluated under very benin conditions that may be room for improvement. Final thoughts: If you are someone that leisurely flys the Gazelle the new FM changes might not be as noticable. Smooth coordinated turns don't exhibit many of the inertia dampening issues. On the other hand if you abuse the Gazelle for everything that its capable of then the new FM is clearly evident. The sort of flying where you are mentally preparing for the next 5 control inputs and also compensating for the previous 5. My series, twitch is down atm, is just that sort of flying. To those that want to provide their thoughts/videos in this post. I ask that you please make sure control input overlays are on in any videos. That you confine maneuvers to flying that is not lazy Sunday R44 flights. Complex chains of command inputs are where you notice the dampening the most. Demonstration flights: Each recorded video and corresponding track demonstrate how the new inertia dampening affects a specific maneuver. A Dropbox link has been provided to download each videos individual track both here and in the Youtube description. 1) Was a combination of videos below and thus excluded 2) Multiple command inputs and cessation of inputs resulting in immediate locking of attitude. 3) Maintaining a direction of flight and yawing the aircraft. Upwards pitch halting immediately. 4) Spinning around maintaining a single direction of flight while releasing controls results in an immediate nose down maneuver. 5) Light to medium right stick inputs result in a continued roll in the aircraft. 6) Something good to end it with 7) Strong right stick inputs lock up controls, reducing collective returns control of aircraft At 3:15 is the best example in this test flight.
  8. I'm running stutter spec. 6700k, 32gb, ssd, 1080ti, vr. I understand you run release candidates but that implies they eventually get released. I've noticed comments by yourself since first Normandy release that it runs better which based on my experience none of the few released patches indicate. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  9. What magical version are you running because thats not the case for all 3 branches I have.
  10. When you manage geo like the engine does it's a no brainer it would melt things. For instance trees being individual instances of geo instead of blocked into larger chucks as a single object will kill anything quickly. Large object count is its own killer separate of poly density. Cities and trees destroy fps in this game because of the high object count and not so much because of poly count. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  11. If only pulling the hmd's head position, pose, were a pretty trivial thing. Oh it is you say?!?!
  12. Err the reasons given for the deleted posts are bogus.
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