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  1. CyDoN

    Rent Server

    Hello! Is there a company that hosts server/slots or something? I want to set up a dedicated server for our community and our machine doesn't has a 3d graphics card to run it from there. Thank you
  2. Hello guys I had the combined arms game which is great. I recently saw some videos of flight sims and mostly about flaming cliffs, A10 and black shark. It seems great, it really does. I like immersion and also I like the idea of these games. Now to get to the point. I think i will need some kind of contoler for that as the Deathadder 2013 won't be ideal. My thoughts are that I want to try, so any proposals of which contrels should i get without spending a fortune and also that wont be very low quality so I can make a try to play the game and see If I like it? Thx for your time guys.
  3. this could be possibly be shared the way it was in World in Conflict. I still support the idea that small arms and rocket launcher could provide very intresting missions they way there were in Combat Mission games.
  4. having spent thousands of hours in ArmA especially vanilla (tournaments, cups and competitive PvP) this game is simulating the foot-soldiers but in other aspects it's more like BF. Let's not stray from the topic, DCS is a far more complicated game and infantry would give a very differant dynamic to the whole gameplay.
  5. What part of the coding impedes the developers of raising to the number of multiplayer players, I would like to see a 64 feature :)
  6. An infantry feature could attract less hardcore sim gamers (like ArmA or Operation Flashpoint players). They could contribute to the battlefield in their own way, like real life, its way easier to fire a fire-and-forget infantry weapon or an M16 than having all the cool instruments of an attack helicpoter or even driving a tank. This also could make more types of engagements i.e. small uraban infantry engalgements with APCs, cars, infantry and light survalliance helicopters (like Combat Mission games). In genarl many other possibilites will be available with adding some simple animations, the DCS graphics are not the state of art but they are very good, they give you a very clear idea of what they want to picture. Thank you for your time :)
  7. I am a big fan of the DCS games especially the Black Shark. From what I read, an Infantry feature will not be available in this game. Isn't it time for DCS to make this step, escpecially in this "combined" game, to introduce playable Infantry roles? I am pretty sure, this will make the game very instresting. Thank you for your time. Keep up the good work..
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